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Q: When was the Vienna boys choir founded?
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When was Vienna Boys' Choir created?

Vienna Boys' Choir was created in 1498.

Can the Vienna Boys Choir be found in Vienna?

Yes, the Vienna Boys Choir is based in Vienna. While it is composed primarily of boys from Austria, it also holds auditions and selects boys from all over the world.

What movies made from 1960 to 1975 were about the Vienna Boys Choir?

One movie that was made in 1962 was called Almost Angels. It is about the Vienna Boys Choir and featured some actual members of the choir.

Who are the famous tiple singers in the philippines?

Vienna Boys Choir, Las Pinas Boys Choir, Sto. Domingo Tiples, Manila Cathedral Boys Choir

What city in austria has the famous boys' choir?


What boys choir sang background vocals in john williams christmas star song?

Vienna boys choir?

Have the Vienna boys choir been castrated?

Absolutely not. At around age 14, when their voice breaks, they leave the choir.

What was the movie featuring the Vienna boys choir and spanish riding school?

Almost angels

Why are there only boys in the Vienna boys choir?

It is called The Vienna Boy's Choir (Wiener Sängerknabel), "officially" founded in 1498 as a Court Choir. The choir has boy sopranos and altos, and adult tenors and basses (many of them are former choir members),As with many choirs in Europe who may date back to the Middle Ages, women (girls) were not allowed to sing in church choirs. Also, many famous choir schools were, regrettably, also not open for girls.Thas has changed considerably. For instance, the Salisbury Cathedral Choir (UK) has now a boy's and girl's choir. As there are some slightly tonal differences between boy and girl soprano they alternate each day singing Evensong.That choir's tradition is even older than that of the Vienna choir, they're singing their hearts out as early as 1258.

When was Vienna Girls' Choir created?

Vienna Girls' Choir was created in 2004.

Are the Vienna boys choir castrated?

"The Roman Catholic Church was known to have castrated their choir boys to preserve the prepubescent voices but that action died out in the 1800's i would think the same could be said about the Vienna boys choir. " The church never castrated anyone, it was an offense punishable by excommunication and performed by people who kept quiet about it. The church was happy to employ castrati in its choirs and the last one retired as head of the Cistine Chapel choir in about 1913. The unified Italian state made it illegal in 1870 and pope Leo xiii formally banned it eight years later. Sadly this wouldn't seem to have been an end to a long tradition of harm to boys. The high voices of the Vienna Boys Choir are perfectly natural, the clue is in the title; boys.

What is the famous attraction one can enjoy in Vienna Austria at Christmas?

Every year at Christmas the world famous Vienna Boys Choir gives a Christmas concert. Established in 1498, their annual concert is a Viennese Christmas tradition.