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When was the approximate manufacture date for your Springfield Armory Model 1903 serial number 1386503?


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it was produced in 1931.

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Your springfield M-1 Garand was made at springfield armory in 1943.

Springfield Armory was created in 1777.

Contact Sprinfield Armory Customer Service at 1-800-680-6866

No. They are two different companies. Smith and Wesson is in Springfield Massachusetts, as was the original US Springfield Armory. The modern company known as Springfield Armory is Springfield, Inc., located in Illinois.

made by Colt for US Navy. not unusual to see a springfield slide on a Colt frame

Your springfield armory model 1903 springfield rifle was made in 1932.

Your model 1898 krag was made by springfield armory in 1899.

What is your question??

your springfield rifle was made in 1919.

Your M-1 Garand rifle was made by Springfield armory in the year 1955 with the serial number that you provided.

Year of manufacture is 1920. Value depends upon originality and condition and can vary from $300 for a parts gun, to over $1000 for an excellent condition, all original rifle.

To my knowledge they are privately owned.

Your Springfield armory made M-1 Garand with a serial number of 5,449,068 was produced in the year 1954.

Your springfield armory made M-1 Garand with serial number 5,843,454 was produced in the year 1955.

Your springfield model 1873 trapdoor was made at springfield armory in the year 1883.

How much is a 1962 national match m1a 308 cal springfield armory rifle worth?

No published sn data. You will have to call Springfield Armory

the M1 garand springfield #534068 was made about 1942

your springfield m-1 garand was produced in 1944.

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