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Q: When was the band Simple Plan formed?
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What did simple plan do before their band was formed?

They were in other bands. Before Simple Plan, Chuck was in Reset.

About Simple plan band?

Simple Plan are a Canadian boy band who play rock and skater music.

Was simple plan ever dating Avril?

Simple Plan is a band

When did Simple Plan form?

simple plan was officially formed in 1999

How did the band Simple Plan get there name?

They got their name from the movie "A Simple Plan":)

Is simple plan a Australia band?


Are the simple plan members gay?

simple plan are not gay..they did date but if its a choice between girls and the band they would choose the band.

What religion is the band simple plan?

Simple Plan has never disclosed their religious beleifs. Simple plan is a Canadian Rock Group.

Is simple plan a real band?

yes they are just go on youtube and search simple plan

Who are simple plan?

They are a punk rock band.

Who created the band Simple Plan?

No yone

Where was simple plan formed?

Simple Plan was formed in Montreal, Canada. The band members are Pierre Bouvier (Lead Vocalist) Sebastien LeFebvre (Rhythm Guitarist) Jeff Stinco (Lead Guitarist) David Desrosiers (Bass Guitar) and my fave :P Chuck Comeau (Percussion)

Where did the members of Simple Plan come from?

The members of the band, Simple Plan, are from Montreal/Quebec Province, Canada.

How did they come with the name of the movie 'A Simple Plan'?

Because the band Simple Plan wanted it to be a simple plan to become famous and the movie showed how it looks like a Simple Plan well accomplished.

About simple plan?

Simple Plan is a band that started in 1998 and is still current. The band consists of Pierre Bouvier- lead vocalist, Jeff Stinco- lead guitarist, Chuck Comeau- drums, and David Desroisiers- vocalist and guitarist. Simple Plan is a rock punk band.

Where is the simple plan band from?

They are from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

What band sang the song vacation?

Simple plan

What is the band that sings Scooby Doo where are you?

Simple Plan

Who sang the song Simple Plan?

"Simple Plan" is actually the name of a Canadian rock band, not a particular song. Simple Plan began as a band in 1999. Its musical style has been described as Pop Punk by various media outlets.

Did the main singer change from simple plan?

Of course not! It's always been Pierre! Well, before Simple Plan was started he was in another band with the drummer Chuck, but he was still the lead singer. The only new non-ish-origional band member is David, he was brought into Simple Plan before any of the "swapping of bands". If you really wanna learn about Simple Plan more look up "who brought the band simple plan together?" I put their whole pre-Simple Plan history :p

Where did simple plan form?

they formed in quebec Montreal

Where is the band simple plan now?

Right now they are in Australia

What year did simple plan become a band?

In the year 1999

Are simple plan still a band?

Yes Yes Yes they are!!

Is simple plan best friends?

If your refering to Simple Plan the band. Then yes, They have know each other since High School.