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Wheels had been around for quite some time, but they didn't become bicycle wheels until someone invented the bicycle.

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2013-03-31 21:05:43
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Q: When was the bicycle wheel invented?
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What was invented before the bicycle that made it possible?

The wheel

About the penny farthinghow does the penny farthing work and who invented it and why did he invent it?

The penny farthing is a type of bicycle. The bicycle has a large front wheel with a seat on top and a tiny back wheel. The bicycle was invented by Eugene Meyer. The bicycle was invented because the larger wheel meant higher speeds by which the cyclist could travel.

What type of machine is a bicycle wheel?

A bicycle wheel is an example of wheel and axle

What did kirkpatric macmillian invent?

Kirkpatrick MacMillian invented the very first bicycle it had a big wheel at the front and a tiny wheel at the back.

Where did Kirkpatrick Macmillan invent the bicycle?

To be more concise, some credit Kirkpatrick MacMillan for inventing the rear wheel drive bicycle. And mind you that most bicycle historians refute the fact that MacMillan invented the rear wheel bicycle at all. But to answer your question: MacMillan's bicycle would have been built in Scotland as that is where he was a blacksmith.

What is kirkPatrick Macmillan known for?

He invented one kind of rear-Wheel drive bicycle with a treadle drive.

Why did Kirkpatrick Macmillan invent a bicycle?

Macmillan invented the rear Wheel drive bicycle. Probably because he thought it'd be more efficient than what was otherwise available.

What are examples of wheel and axel?

ferris wheel, a bicycle, a screw and a doorknob ferris wheel, a bicycle, a screw and a doorknob

Is a bicycle a wheel in axle or a gear?

A bicycle is both.

Is the wheel on a bicycle a wheel and axle?


Who invented something with a simple machine?

Okay, Well a simple machine is either an inclined plane, pulley, srew, wheel and axle, and the lever. So something with a wheel and axle is a bike and the early bicycle was invented by Pierre and Ernest Michaux, the French father and son team of carriage-makers,invented the first bicycle during the 1860s.

What types of wheel and axles are in a bicycle?

The wheel, and many other things a bicycle is a compound machine

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