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During the 1930S or after the Great Depression maybe after WWII (World War 2). Very old, LEGO. :)
Legos started getting made in 1958

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The founder of LEGO (Ole Kirk Christiansen) (leads to Wikepedia) (the link) bought his toy shop in 1916 so the first "LEGO" (they started out as wood toys) is around that time, probably 1917.

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Q: When was the first LEGO Brick made?
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What shape was LEGOs first brick?

The first Lego brick was a 4x2 white Lego!

What was the first lego invented?

The first Lego was not a Lego brick, it was actually wooden toys.

What are the first Lego come out?

The first LEGO products to come out were wooden toys. The first LEGO plastic brick was the Automatic Binding Brick, which did not have any knobs on the bottom and had slots on the sides.

Who invented skateboards and LEGO?

The answer? No one knows!! It's true! Many people have claimed that they made the first skateboard, but the truth is that we will probably never know who really made the first skateboard. Ole Kirk Christiansen and his son Godtfred Kirk invented lego. Lego first was a wood product. Then it turned into a plastic brick. It was made of cellulose in 1932.

When did the LEGO company start making plastic LEGO brick?

They started manufacturing plastic Lego bricks in 1949. Before, they made wooden toys.

What were the first LEGOs ever made?

<<<LEGO Star Wars was the original game and it came out in 2005>>> This is incorrect. 1997 was Lego Island for Windows 2001 was the first licensed game. It was Lego Harry Potter. That was the beginning of their real video game success in its current form.

Which year was the first LEGO brick made?

Around 1917. Ole Kirk Christiansen bought his shop in 1916, and the first "Lego" were just wood blocks or wood trucks. So tecnally, the first PLASTIC Lego was made in 1947. In 1949 cellulose acetate were used to make Legos. I looked it Up in Wikipedia. Preety acurrate.

Is LEGO Land made out of real LEGO?

No Lego Land is not made of actual legos its actually made of brick colored like legos

Where can you get a brick seperator from LEGO creator?

at the lego store

How do you get blue LEGO brick on my LEGO network?

You Get a Life

How do you rotate a brick on LEGO universe?

To rotate a brick on Lego Universe you should use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

What Lego brick can be used for Jupiter?

A brick of sand be used