When was the first bodum tea press produced?


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The first Bodum Tea Press was produced in 1991. The company started as a coffee press company, but they introduced the concept of using tea instead of coffee.

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One can buy a Bodum Assam tea press can be purchased at stores like Crate and Barrel, Target, Walmart and Macy's. Also, look at online entities like Amazon and eBay.

Yes, the Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker can be used for loose leaf teas as the process is based on infusion. Simply add tea leaves, boiling water allow to steep for a few moments and then push down on the press to seperate the leaves from the liquid.

How to use Bodum Tea InfuserFor tea drinkers whose experience is limited to Lipton tea bags and the like, branching off into the varied and complex world of loose leaf tea can seem daunting. Beyond the obvious issue of selecting quality leaf tea for consumption, the second problem is "How do I get those darned leaves out of the cup?" A fantastic solution to the second part of the conundrum is the Bodum Tea Infuser, perfect for novices and tea aficionados alike.The design of the Bodum Tea Infuser is practical and elegant, consisting of a kettle, an infuser which sits inside the kettle, and a lid to top it off. As simple as the design of the Bodum Tea Infuser, it is even easier to use. First, prepare an amount of hot water on the stove top or in an electric kettle and set it to the side. Once it is ready, place a variety of loose tea that you have selected into the tea infuser and return the infuser to the kettle. Then slowly pour the prepared hot water directly into the infuser. As the water contacts the leaves they will expand in a process known as blossoming which extracts the flavors and essences from the tea. Next place the lid atop the kettle and allow the tea to steep for three to five minutes depending on the desired potency of the brew. Finally, remove the infuser from the kettle, pour your tea into your favorite cup, and enjoy!

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get a tea strainer, they have them at ikea. You can use them for one cup of tea or you can use a few of them in a pot, that is what i do anyway. They also make tea pots now have a strainer in the middle sort of like a coffee press get a tea strainer, they have them at ikea. You can use them for one cup of tea or you can use a few of them in a pot, that is what i do anyway. They also make tea pots now have a strainer in the middle sort of like a coffee press

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