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No one knows for sure. 700 yrs give or take

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What was the first gun that Browning ever made?

A single shot rifle @ 1824.

When was the last midland gun co shot gun made?

The last shot gun made by Midland Gun Co. was in the late 1950s. I got this answer

When did John Browning invent his first gun?

John Browning made his first gun at the age of 10, but his first patent was in 1878, it was the 1878 Single Shot Rifle.

When was your shot gun made?


When did American gun co make their first single shot .shot gun?

@ the turn of the century

Who made double barrel shot gun 9101?

From a book: THE SHOT GUN & ITS USES By "East Sussex" (First published in London in 1914.) says on page 2: "About 1800, however, the double-barrel shot gun was taken up, if not introduced, by Joe Manton..."

What did Annie Oakley nail in the head the first time she shot a gun?

turkey. It was not a turkey. The first time she shot a gun, she hit a squirrel!

What is the value of a dixon falcon 12 gauge shot gun made in Spain worth?

what is a dixon falcon 12 gauge shot gun made in Spain worth

When was the Winchester model 370 410 shot gun single shot gun made with serial 060187? has sn data

When was this 12 gauge single shot shot gun made serial 420512?

Impossible to answer without knowing who made it.

When was your Sweet 16 Browning A5 shot gun with serial number OS43122 made?

This gun was made in 1960

Who shot the first ever gun?

George F.Root

Who made a young America single shot shotgun?

no gun co. made it

Shot gun made in 1902 mitchell and powers bristel tennesseei need to know what a single shot shot gun would be worth in good condition?

50 or so

When was a shot gun made with sweet sixteen scripted on the left side and serial OS 51417?

This gun was made in 1960

Model929 longtom single shot shot gun who made then and when?

Most likely HD Folsom

What is the age of this browning shot gun L13043?

it was made in 1954

What gun made the longest shot?

50 cal barret

What does someone mean when they say you call shot gun?

To call shot gun means they call first at something. Ex: if kids call shot gun at an event that involves riding in a car then they are claiming the front seat.

What year was 235670 browing auto 5 shot gun made?

It was made in 1946

What would happen first hear a gun shot or see a gun shot?

See it- speed of light, then hear it- speed of sound is MUCH slower.

Is there a 14 gauge shot gun?

14 gauge has been made.

Shot gun 261 792 how many made?

Impossible to answer as asked.

Serial 59137 when was shot gun made?

Need the name of the maker.

When was a volunteer shot gun made?

75-100 years ago