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The flat head screwdriver was determined to be invented in the 15th century. They fit basic slotted screws and become one of the most versatile tools in the world.

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Q: When was the flat head screw driver invented?
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When were phillips head screw drivers invented?

The phillips head screw was invented in the 1930's and received its patent in 1936.

What is the function of Phillips screw driver?

It can be used to tighten or loosen the screw as well. Flat head screwdriver is hard to turn the screw with quarter inch wide head. The thickness of the slot of the screw and the thickness of the screwdriver should match. The perfect match of thickness enables you tighten it tightly.

Difference between a nail and a screw?

A nail has a smooth straight shaft and a flat head that requires a hammer to pound the nail in. A screw has rivets on the shaft and the head has a shape to it so a screwdriver is needed to screw in the screw.

Who was the inventor of the Philips screwdriver?

The Phillips screwdriver was created by Henry F. Phillips (1890-1958) who was a U.S. businessman from Portland, Oregon . The Phillips-head ("crosshead") screw and screwdriver were both named after him .

When was the Phillips head screw invented and why?

The Phillips head screw was invented by an obscure employee from the Ford Motor Company named Alexander Pendrew in 1923. He devised this screw to isolate the manufacture and repair of Ford products. A person was required to Push Hard (PHillips) to install it easily but the design caused removal to be more difficult thereby ensuring that the screw would remain installed even during vibratons caused by driving conditions at the time.I think it was patented in the 1930s. It was invented to provide an "automatic screw-driver" function on assembly lines. When the screw was tightened sufficiently, the bit would start to slip.That is, unlike the TORX screw, the Philips-head was not for the purpose of increasing the torque on screws.Henry F. Phillips formed the Phillips Screw Company in 1934, and after refining the design himself (U.S. Patent #2,046,343, U.S. Patents #2,046,837 to 2,046,840) for the American Screw Company of Providence, Rhode Island, succeeded in getting the design quickly adopted by industry.

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What are the kinds Screw driver?

Phillips head (the star lookin one) and Flat head (the flat one) :)

Can a Mistibishi Eclipse be stolen with a flat head screw driver?

If you have the determination to.

What is the purpose of screw driver?

The use of screw driver is to pull out and in the screws

What is the proper use of flat head screw driver?

to lossen or tighten slotted screws

How do you remove the wood trim from a 1999 Cadillac Seville?

With a flat head screw driver. :-)

Where is the idle for a pocketbike?

it is on the bottom of the corroborator and you need to use a flat head screw driver.

What are the uses of the flat head screwdriver?

A flat or "straight" head screw driver is designed to fit screws a compatible indentation on the head of said screw. note: an advantage of a flat head is that it allows for more torque to be applied, as there is less room for it to move, and has to scalable edges like a Philips head.

What hardware should be used to install the Amish Mission Porch Swing to be sure it will support people sitting on it?

You will need a flat head screw driver, a regular phillips head screw driver, and a hammer.

Is it hard to repair a drippy Delta faucet?

No, you can fix it with a flat head screw driver and vise grips.

How do you remove manual window crank on 2001 ford ranger?

A flat head screw driver to pop off the plastic cover, and a star screw driver to remove the whole thing.

What are the uses of flat tip screw driver?

a flat head screwdriver is used to drive or to screw screws.

How do you remove an exhaust restrictor on a pw80?

Unscrew the screw at the bottom of the muffler. Then take a hammer and a flat head screw driver and hit the muffler head until it comes out. Otherwise call a mechanic.