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2005 when Guitar Hero was created

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What types of guitar controller are available for a computer?

There are many types of guitar controllers available for a computer. The best guitar controller would be hooking up a Guitar Hero controller to one's computer.

What video game is more famous Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

Most likely guitar hero, considering it was the game that brought rock into rhythm games and invented the guitar controller.

Is the Guitar Hero 2 controller wireless?

No, you can use the guitar hero 3 controller, which is wireless, for guitar hero two

How do you unlock multiplayer on Guitar Hero 2?

Insert another Guitar Hero controller, The Guitar Hero Controller if you are playing with a system controller, or your system controller if you have a Guitar Hero controller. I use a Fender Cream Strat when I'm using Guitar Hero for my PlayStation 2. That is because my piano teacher, Rick loves Fender Strats.

How do you connect a wireless guitar to rock band for wii?

A normal controller is placed inside the guitar. If your controller works so will your guitar

Does Guitar Hero come with the guitar controller?

Yes it does.

Do you need guitar for Guitar Hero?

no, you can use a controller.

Can you use wireless Xbox 360 controller for guitar hero?

Yes, you can play Guitar Hero while using your wireless Xbox 360 controller. The wireless standard controller is all I play Guitar Hero with, the guitar is too complicated and the controller just makes everything easier. The only thing I haven't figured out about Guitar Hero when you use the standard controller is how you use the Whammy Bar. Otherwise, the controller is an excellent way to play Guitar Hero.

How do you plug in Guitar Hero II controller?

plug it in like any other controller or if you have a wii i think you put wii controller inside guitar

Your Guitar Hero controller is not working proberly?

my guitar hero wireless controller is not working properly i hook up the controller but sill not working and the plug to

Can you play guitar hero warriors of rock with a normal controller?

You need a guitar to play the guitar and bass. If you try to use a normal controller you will only be able too play as vocals, you cannot play guitar or bass with a normal controller.

Will the Guitar Hero 3 guitar work on Guitar Hero 4?

Guitar Hero 4 will be compatible with any controller from previous ones as long as the controller is from the same system.

How do you program a wireless Playstation 2 guitar hero controller?

there is only a wireless controller in guitar hero 3

Standard controller to play guitar on guitar hero World tour?

Any controller from GH3 will work fine.

Is there an Xbox version of the game "Guitar Hero" that comes with a guitar controller?

Yes, guitar hero 5 comes with an improved guitar controller and it is wireless, which makes the game a lot easier.

How do you use Guitar Hero 3 guitar on Guitar Hero 2?

That completely depends. Is the guitar hero 3 controller for the same platform as the guitar hero 2 controller ? (I.e. xbox 360 or ps2)

Will the Xbox guitar hero controller work on the Xbox 360?

No, because there is no such thing as a regular xbox guitar hero controller.

Can you play guitar hero 5 on the ps2 with a normanl controller?

Yes, if you want to sing. And if you have a microphone.You need a guitar controller to play the guitar parts though. No band game (GH:WT or later or RB) will allow you to play guitar using the regular controller.

How to turn on Guitar Hero controller?

you hold down the x on the controller

What do you need for guitar hero to work on your xbox 360?

you need a controller (Guitar controller or xbox controller) and i think you need a little receiver (or is it not needed?) and the game, and a tv

Do you have to have the guitar for Guitar Hero 3?

well you can use the controller but its a better expirence if you have the guitar

Where was the guitar invented?

The guitar was invented in Spain.

Will the xbox 360 guitar hero world tour controller work with xbox 360 guitar hero 2 game?

yeah it will but you can't tap with the guitar controller on guitar hero two.

How do you use a controller for the guitar on Guitar Hero?

haven't played guitar hero in years but for PS3 I know it was the Ls and Rs with one button on the face of the controller. That was the case for guitar hero 3

Which Guitar hero's need to have the guitar controller?

Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero Metallica