When was the loisiana purchase?

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louisiana was purchase on 1803 for 15mil
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Who purchased the land in the Louisiana purchase?

The US bought Louisiana from France, in a treaty authorized by President Thomas Jefferson. The agreement was signed in Paris by Robert Livingston and James Monroe on April 30, 1803 and ratified by the US Senate on October 20, 1803. New Orleans, the pivotal port on the river, remained in Spanish h ( Full Answer )

The Louisiana Purchase?

the greatest bargin in the united states history which wasnt consitiutional puchase by President Thomas Jefferson 10 million upfront and 5cent per acre which included interst from France of the important port of new Orleans which double the territory of the united states.

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Ballbarrow . According to an article on the Ballbarrow in Wikipedia, it has been out of production for some time.

What is purchase?

to "purchase" is the same as to "buy". If you make a purchase then you have bought something.

What year was the Louisiana Purchase purchased?

In 1803 Thomas Jefferson acted upon Napoleon's offer to sell theLouisiana territory. At the time, Louisiana was a vast Frenchterritory considerably larger than the present-day state ofLouisiana. Napoleon, needing money to fund the aptly-namedNapoleonic Wars, sold the area to the United States, under ( Full Answer )

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The value of a currency expressed in terms of the amount of goodsor services that one unit of money can buy. Purchasing power isimportant because, all else being equal, inflation decreases theamount of goods or services you'd be able to purchase.

When was the Gadsden purchase?

The Gadsden purchase was made in 1853. The Gadsden Territory was the southern parts of New Mexico and Arizona.

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Depends...if you're a clerk just placing PO's and orders then no...but purchasing,when a degree is required such as business and engineering, when you're proactively managing the supply chain, managing large contracts, and managing risk then yes...like all professions there are many clerical positio ( Full Answer )

What is purchase returns?

purchase returns is mean to the product you bought and not satisfy with the quality or damage and then you return to the dealer.

What states were purchased in The Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase included the Mississippi and Missouri valleys west of the Mississippi. This included the states of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas, and parts of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Louisiana (the areas east of the M ( Full Answer )

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These are not legal to purchase in all states so only specialtypharmacy stores carry them. You may be able to have your pharmacistorder them for you depending on your profession.

What is the Gadsden Purchases?

It is when the US bought the land on the southern tips of New Mexico and Arizona from Mexico, right after the Mexican War in the year 1853. It was bought for railroads.

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Why was the Louisiana Purchase available for purchase?

Napoleon had toyed with the idea of reasserting French power in North America and then decided to abandon that project because it was too expensive and he could not spare the troops to protect that vast area. France's possessions in the West Indies were restless and minor attempts to break from the ( Full Answer )

How many miles of coast line does loisiana have?

Coastline:* 397 miles (6). Tidal shoreline: 7,721 miles (6). Coastline refers to the general outline of a state's sea coast; tidal shoreline refers to the coastline, as well as offshore islands, sounds, bays, rivers, and creeks measured to the head of tidewaters or to a point where tidal waters ( Full Answer )

How did the US purchase the Louisiana Purchase?

The French, under Napoleon, had just lost control of Hati. This means their vision of controlling the western world was falling apart. They were also in a lot of debt. They then decided to sell the land that they owned to The United States Of America.

Why did the u.s purchase the Louisiana purchase?

They didn't actually set out to buy the whole of Louisiana: they exported 3/8 of their produce from the Mississippi and New Orleans. In 1802, after the French had gained Louisiana from Spain, trading rights were closed off to Americans. President Thomas Jefferson sent envoys to Paris to try to buy N ( Full Answer )

Why was the Louisiana purchase purchased?

The U.S. wanted to expand westward (Manifest Destiny). In theLouisiana Purchase, the U.S. acquired (from France) 827,000 squaremiles west of the Mississippi River for $15 million dollars.

Who explored the loisiana territory with Pocahontas?

No one. You have two events in history totally combined and they are 200 years apart. Pocahontas was alive in 1609 and was at Jamestown when the first English settlers came. The Louisiana purchase happened in 1806 and it involved the purchase of land from France. Two men name Lewis and Clark explore ( Full Answer )

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The gadsden purchase was purchase from who?

The Gadsden Purchase was from Mexico. (Gadsden Purchase was buying a strip of land along the southern parts of Arizona and New Mexico) the US paid Mexico 10 million for this. With this, the US got to be its present size. Hope this helps you! sources: the American journey textbook

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it must be worth the expense. A purchasing control that delays deliveries and cost more than the item purchased is an example of inefficient control.

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Your local pharmacy is the most dependable place. Many insurance companies offer online or mail order medicationsthrough their services. If you use an online company, be sure touse a reputable source. Many online sources bring in medications from other countries whichare not held to the standards o ( Full Answer )

What is the lousina purchase?

Louisiana once belonged to France. I think that the USA bought the state from France and that is known as the Louisiana Purchase.

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What did you get in The Louisiana Purchase?

A territory of the western United States extending from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains between the Gulf of Mexico and the Canadian border.

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