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When was the pencil invented?

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Around 1565

Records exist of graphite in wood - the basic pencil.

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When was the mechanical pencil invented?

The mechanical pencil was invented in 1872.

When was a lead pencil invented?

The lead pencil was invented on 1564.

When was the pencil case invented and who invented it?

The first pencil case was invented in 1880 and Ebenezer Wood invented it.

Who invented pencil?

N. J. Conte, in 1795, invented the pencil

When was the pencil crayon invented?

Around about the time the pencil crayon was invented

Who invented the pencil writing pencil?

who actually knows the pencil was invented at least 100 years ago

When was an pencil invented?

The pencil was invented in 1564 when a graphite mine was discovered in England

When was a drawing pencil invented?

i said a drawring pencil ]

When was pencil sharpener invented?

Therry des Estwaux invented the first pencil sharpener in 1847.

When was a pencil invented?

it was invented in i dont know

Was the pencil invented by mistake?

i think that pencil was inventedbecase i have no idea

Who invented the pencil or made the pencil?

nic and James 1818

What did N.j.Conte invented in 1795?

I think its the pencil. dh6dwI think its the pencil.

Who first invented pencil cases?

Its is unkown who invented it but the first pencil case was invented 1800s (Silver ones) for london museums. China also produced wooden pencil cases and were then exported around the world

Who invented the lead pencil?

It was invented by N.J Conte in 1795.

Has a paintbrush with a pencil and a maker been invented?

no it has not been invented

How was a pencil invented?

they got a stick, put lead in it, and boom. PENCIL<3

When was the pencil sharpener invented?


Which country invented pencil?


Who invented the No 2 pencil?


Were was the pencil invented?

in England idiots

Where the pencil was invented first?


Where was the first mechanical pencil invented?

The mechanical pencil, invented by Derek L. Lozano and Francis P. Major, was in a science lab

When was the electric pencil sharpener invented?

Raymond Lowery invented the electric pencil sharpener in the early 1940's. In an electrical pencil sharpener, the cylindrical cutter is rotated by an electric motor.

What was happening before the camera was invented?

It wasn't invented, it evolved from a pencil.