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i said a drawring pencil


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Q: When was a drawing pencil invented?
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What picture made with pencil is called?

pencil drawing

What is a drawing pencil?

Any pencil can draw... but, pencils made specifically for drawing, have different darkness (smoothness) grades so we can make different areas light or dark which is difficult with just one it?

What is a drawing object?

a pencil

Did NJ conte get an award for inventing the pencil?

No, NJ Conte did not invent the pencil. The pencil was invented much earlier, in the 16th century by Conrad Gesner. The Conte company is known for producing high-quality drawing and sketching materials, including pencils.

When was the pencil case invented and who invented it?

The first pencil case was invented in 1880 and Ebenezer Wood invented it.

What is the difference from a regular 2 pencil and drawing pencil for art?

A regular #2 school type pencil lacks the amount of graphite that is in a typical drawing pencil. A higher level of graphite is necessary for longevity of the artwork and for contrast in the drawing.

What has the author Frances Beem written?

Frances Beem has written: 'Pen and pencil drawings' -- subject(s): Pen drawing, Pencil drawing

Why is it important to use a sharp pencil in biological drawing?

So the drawing is a very fine line and easy to rub out?

When was the pencil crayon invented?

Around about the time the pencil crayon was invented

What is the drawing device contanaing garphite?

What is the drawing device containing graphite.A pencil.

Who invented the pencil writing pencil?

who actually knows the pencil was invented at least 100 years ago

What is the uses of the drawing paper?

pencil or ballpen