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When was the planet Sirius found?

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there's a star named Sirius, but no planet .... sorry

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Is there a planet next to the star Sirius?

Sirius does not have any known planets.

How many planets are in Sirius system?

No , there isn't any planet in Sirius system . Egyptians believed there was a planet in Sirius system and a 3rd star but in real there aren't those objects .

Is there a far away planet that orbits Sirius A?

Neither Sirius A nor Sirius B have any known planets.

Is Sirius brighter than the planet Mercury?


Name the brightest planet from outer space?

sirius (dogstar)

Is Sirius the closest planet to earth?

Sirius is a star, not a planet, and it is not the closest star to Earth or anywhere near being the closest (technically the closest star to Earth is the sun, and the next closest is Proxima Centauri).

Most brilliant body in the sky?

The brightest visible objects are: -- the sun -- the moon -- the planet Venus -- the planet Jupiter -- the planet Saturn -- the planet Mars -- the star Sirius

Is Sirius A an Earth-like star?

No. There is no such thing as an "earth-like star" as Earth is a planet, not a star. Sirius A is a star that is larger and brighter than the sun.

When they found out that Sirius betrayed the potters?

*SPOILER ALERT FOR PRISONER OF AZKABAN* Sirius didn't actually betray the Potters at all, that was Peter Pettigrew.

What year was sirius found to be double star?

It was deduced mathematically in 1844 by Bessel, but Sirius B was not seen until 1862 by Alvin Clark.

What kind of music is available on sirius?

All genres of music can be found on sirius. Some genres can be more easily found than others, but with some digging, one can find something to meet their needs.

What does a eclipsing binary look like?

See related link for a picture of Sirius and it's binary. Sirius B can be found in the bottom left corner.

What did Harry Potter find in Sirius' bedroom?

harry found a letter his mother wrote to sirius on his first birthday and a torn photograph of his and his father

How is the star Polaris compared to that of the star Sirius?

Sirius is the brightest star...Polaris is bigger then Sirius, Polaris is 360 to 820 light years away from earth, and Sirius is only 8.6 light years away. The Sirius star is known as the dog constalation, The polaris star is found at the tip and corner of the big dipper and the little dipper

Where can you found planet Kepler?

There is no such planet

What is know as 'the dog star?

Sirius, found in the constellation Canis Major.

The great dark spot and scooter are found on this planet?

it is found on the planet neptune

Can life be found on planet?

Yes! Life could be found on planet earth!

Does bestbuy sell sirius boombox's?

Yes, the Sirius Boomboxes can be found at Bestbuy. It has good reviews and sells for around $120. I have a similar radio and I'm extremely satisfied with it.

Is sirius b bigger than sirius a?

No. Sirius A is many times larger than Sirius B.

Which heavenly body is brightest after the sun and moon?

The planet Venus .The brightest star, after the sun, is Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major.

What star is brighter than Sirius?

Observed from Earth there are no brighter stars at the night sky. If you see something that is brighter, it will be a planet.

In which constellation is Sirus found?

Sirius is found in the Heart of Canis Major, the Big Dog - just south and east of Orion.

What was the largest part of peter pettigrew's body to be found after the Sirius Black murders?

A finger

What is the new planet found after Pluto?

planet X