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The smartboard was invented in 1991 by a girl named Jaimie-Lee Wilson.

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Who invented the smartboard?

a girl named jamie-lee

Who invented the smartboard and when?

The smart board is used by loads of schools its inventor is Samantha Oriz.

What is a smartpen?

A smartpen is a utensil that is compatible with the SmartBoard. You use it to interact with the SmartBoard, meaning you touch the pen to the Smartboard.

Who was Jaime-lee Wilson?

Jaime-lee Wilson invented the well known Smartboard in 1991

How do you download smartboard notebook?

To download it you have to searchg on google for the smartboard notebook's website then download it.

Where was the smartboard invented?

Smart Boards were invented by a company called Smart Technologies based in Calgary, Alberta. The company was initially launched in 1987 to sell projectors for an American company.

What does a smart board do?

what does the smartboard do

Where can you buy smartboards?

The smartboard store.

How much money does a smartboard cost?


How much does a smartboard cost?

it's about £1000

When was the smartboard made?

The smart board was made in 1991.

Who makes SmartBoard?

The company that makes SmartBoard is called Smart Technologies. This company makes other products such as Smart Document Camera, as well as Smart Conferencing Software.

Why did david martin invent a smartboard?

To make education fun

Can you download smartboard on your computer for free?

yeah i did its really cool!

Can you connect xbox to the smartboard?

yea on the back are AV plugs

What is the proper name for a smartboard pen?

It's called a Stylus

Why does anyone need a smartboard?

you need a smartboard to make your school work easier plus its more fun for you and students to use since it has sooo many great things like touch screen!

What energy transformations occur in a projector shining on a smartboard?

EL to EM

Did Jaimie-Lee Wilson invent the smartboard?

No it was Davie Wilson

What are 3 examples of coexisting technology?

One example is the computer and the mouse. The reason they are coexisting is because the computer is type of technology and the mouse is another that helps the computer and without the mouse the computer would be incomplete . The computer and the keyboard is another type of technology because without the keyboard you wouldn't be able to search the web! And the last example of coexisting technology is the smartboard and the computer. If you don't know what a smartboard is it like a giant computer. The reason the smartboard and the computer are coexisting is because a smartboard cant work without the mac behind its back.The smartboard has to be connected top the computer to work, so now you know three types of coexisting technology.

Can you use smart floating tools without connecting a smartboard?

no you cant, i tryed be4

What technology is used in a school library?

Usually a computer, a printer and sometimes a smartboard (c) and a projector

How much does an interactive smartboard cost?

3,000-5,000 dollars.. that's including the light bulbs, projecter, and etc.

Is the electronic whiteboard called a Smartboard or is it SMART Board like you can find on google?

A SMART board is a brand so no

Give at least 5 examples of technology that are helpful to teachers?

Smartboard, computer, phone, overhead projector, printer, copiers

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