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1934. This is an advertisement for the first spiral bound "memorandum book"
by edward podosek

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Who invented the notebook paper?

The Popular Science Issues invented the notebook...

Who invented the first notebook?

It is not really known who invented the first notebook. This is because it was invented a very long time ago.

When was the notebook invented?

The first first computer notebook was 1983

Who invented the notebook?


When was notebook invented?


When was the spiral notebook invented?


Who Invented PC Notebook?

whahhaha.... its TRUE....

What country invented the first notebook?

in Australia

What year was the composition notebook invented?


When was the composition notebook invented?

The exact date of the composition notebook is not known. However, production of the composition notebook started in Europe during the 1870's.

When was notebook paper invented?

The question you just asked may not relate to my answer but I have learned about legal pads and they had notebook paper in them so this answer may relate. The legal pad which had notebook paper in it was invented in 1888 by Thomas W. Holley of Holyoke so therefore I have rights to reply with this answer I hope this may help you with whatever has drawn you to ask this question.

Who invented the IBM Think Pad?

Arimasa Naitoh, the inventor of the ThinkPad notebook is a senior executive at Lenovo.

When was the first notebook laptop invented?

The first laptop I believe was in 1981 by Adam Osborne. This laptop was call the "Osborne1"

Who invented the spiral bound notebook?

This doesn't say who, but it does say when. The spiral bound "memorandum book" came on the market in 1934, here's a brief article about it:

Where was the MacBook invented?

The Apple MacBook was first released in 2006. The Apple MacBook is the update to the iBook range of notebook computers.

What do you write in a notebook?

You write your class notes so that you can study! You can also make an Assignment Notebook where you keep all of your assignments so you don't lose them.If you just have a blank notebook that you don't need for class, here are some things you can write in it:your thoughtsstories you've inventedimportant phone numbers and addressesnotes to and from your friends (you pass the notebook around)whatever you want to write down!

What is notebook laptop?

a notebook laptop is a mine laptop as big as a notebook or smaller .

What does a notebook computer do?

what does a computer notebook does

How do you say notebook in Arabic?


What is the width of notebook paper?

what is the width of a notebook

Notebook in Spanish?

"Notebook" in Spanish is "cuaderno".

What is the exposition of the book The Notebook?

What is the exposition of the notebook

Where is your webcam on a notebook?

Please specify your notebook

How you write notebook in German?

notebook = Notizbuch

What is the ISBN of The Notebook?

The ISBN of The Notebook is 0446520802.

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