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the stamp act was passed in 1765!

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Q: When was the stamp act passed?
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Related questions

Why was the stamp act passed by king george?

The Stamp Act was actually passed by Parliament.

When did the stamp act pass?

the stamp act was passed in 1765

What was the stamp act and when was it passed?

The stamp act required all documents to be on stamped paper and have a stamp, which had to be purchased. Passed in 1765.

Who passed the stamp act and who was involved?

Thomas Jefferson passed the stamp act and James Madison was involved on it

What happened when Britain passed the stamp act?

Britain passed the stamp act because they needed more of this:$$$

What day was the stamp act of 1765 passed?

The Stamp Act was passed on March 22nd 1765, which was a Friday.

What act was passed after the stamp act?

The Declaratory Act.

Why was the stamp act passed?

The Stamp Act was passed because it was to help pay for the costs of fighting on the American frontier.

Why was this act passed stamp act?

The stamp act was passed because King Charles lll needed money. The stamp act was like we do today we get are documents stamped or marriage license back then the king passed this act that you had to pay money to get the stamp. Soon many Lenape (who were left) and colonist protested so then the stamp act was repealed

Was the quartering act before the stamp act?

Yes, the Stamp Act was passed in March and the Quartering Act in June.

When was the stamp act and Quartering Acts passed?

they were passed in 1778

What was repealed the day the declaratory act was passed?

The Stamp Act

What act was not passed by the British that upset the colonists?

stamp act

What is the stamp duty act in India?

What was the year when stamp duty act passed in Maharashtra (INDIA) ?

What was after the stamp act?

The Townshend Acts succeeded the Stamp Act and was passed by the British Parliament in 1767.

Who passed the stamp act?

George Grenville ;)

What happened in 1765?

the stamp act was passed

Where Americans happy when the stamp act was passed?


What was the first law parliament passed?

The stamp act. it was passed in 1765 and it was passed before the delaratory act, townshed act, quartering act, and the sugar act.

What act was passed by Parliament along with repeal of the Stamp Act?

The Declaratory Act

Was the quartering act or the stamp act passed first?

off the top of my head i think the quartering act was first then repeled then the stamp act and finaly the stamp act.........i think

what year the stamp act and quartering acts are passed?

The Stamp Act and the Quartering Act both took effect in 1765.

What Act passed by England taxed basic goods?

the stamp act

How did the colonists respond when the British passed the Stamp Act?

When the British passed the Stamp Act, the colonists rioted in protest and boycotted trade with Great Britain.

What was a difference between the sugar act and stamp act?

The Stamp Act was passed to raise revenue on American Colonies. The Sugar Act was passed to take in revenues from only the New England Colonies.