When was the steel fence post invented?

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Q: When was the steel fence post invented?
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What amount of force is needed to bend a steel fence post?

The amount of force that is needed to bend a steel fence post depends with the steel post in question. The force that is required is therefore calculated based on the material in question.

How many fence post needed to fence 18 meters?

It depends on what kind of fence you wish to put up. For example, an electrified barbed wire and steel post fence would only require about three posts. But a wood plank and wood post fence would require about five or six.

Is a steel fence a conductor?

The steel used in the fence is a conductor of electricity.

How far apart do fencing post go when installing a fence?

All depends all the type of fence!!! Woven wire is 15 ft. max. Board fence 6'9 with 14 ft. boards Hi-tensile wire up 40 ft. with steel post or battons in between the wooden post

What direction must the post of a wooden fence face?

to answer that ? is the post is to the inside of the fence

What is a strainer post?

A strainer post is a fence post.

What is the definition of a fence post?

A pole that supports a fence.

How do you install fence post?

To install wooden fence posts, it is bests to use a fence post auger. An auger literally drills the correct size hole in which to insert the post.

Has anyone used a fence posts called the z post?

Yes! The Z Post is the best fence post I have ever used! It is a metal fence post for wood fences. Its is powder coated like wrought iron. It is a gret post. HIGHLY Recommend!

When installing field fence which side of the post does the fence go on?

The outside.

How much do steel fence posts cost?

the price of steel fencing depends on how many yards of steel you are going to need, how high you want your fence, and the shape of your yard. it also depends on how many posts you will need. steel fence posts average about $4 a piece.

Where was the Electric fence invented?

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