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It was first explored by Auguste Piccard in the year nineteen thirty one.

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When was the Titanic first explored?

It was first explored in 1985.

American southwest was first explored by who?

It was first explored by Francisco Coronado!

Who first explored Quebec?

The Vikings first explored Quebec and name it Vinland

What is the difference between the Stratosphere Thermosphere and the Trophoshere?

Stratosphere is the layer above troposphere. Troposphere is the first layer and is below the stratosphere.

What country first explored the new world?

Portugal explored the New World first

Who first explored explored Oklahoma looking for gold?

Eric Blandford.

Who was the French explorer who first explored Canada?

Jacques Cartier was the French explorer who first explored Canada.

What country first explored Ohio and claimed it as a territory?

What country first explored Ohio, and claimed it as a territory

When was Mars first explored?

we haven't explored mars yet but we have set a rover.

Who first explored Saturn?

nobody HAS ever explored Saturn if they did- they would be dead

What was the first planet to be explored by a space probe?

The first planet to be explored by a space probe is Venus. Hope this helps. : )

Which come first troposphere or the stratosphere?


Why does the stratosphere end at 9 miles?

The Stratosphere does not end at 9 miles in the first place. The Stratosphere STARTS at 17 km so if you do the math, you will know that the Stratosphere does not end at 9 miles.Secondly, the Stratosphere ends at 17 km because that's where the Mesosphere starts.

Who explored the Caribbean?

The Caribbean was first explored by the Native Americans. Christopher Columbus was among the first Europeans to explore the Caribbean.

Who first explored Kentucky?


What was the first planet to be explored.?


Who first explored Illinois?

The Illiniwek

When was Jupiter first explored?

in 1973

When was Maine first explored?


Who first explored washington?

The Europeans

Where was the first place Columbus explored?

He first landed in cuba and met the people there and then he found the continent of north america and explored it, so cuba?

Who explored Colorado first?

The first explorer was john colorado

What rivers were first explored by the Spanish?

The Spanish explored the Colorado River. The river is 1,450 miles in length.

When did Nevada first get explored?

In the late 1700s

Who explored Pennsylvania first?

Drake Bell