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When was the surgical robot invented?

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Leonardo da vinci Leonardo da vinci

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when did robot asumi invented? and who invented robot asumi? what year did robot asumi invented?

The first robot was invented in 1921.

There are so many people that are thought to have invented the first robot. Really the first robot was invented by Karel Capek in the year of 1921.

The robot was invented by writer Karel Capek in 1920 in his book R.U.R.

It was invented at 2004 by Sony

Gordon Gould. I heard his name before and i that he created the robot.

The da Vinci surgical system is a robot surgical system used in many different types of procedures. It was first approved by the FDA in 2000.

Michael Jackson popularized it, but it was invented by Charles "Robot" Washington david mccallan invented the robot dance in 1967 and has a letter from a tv prog called get it got it good and was rewarded with Kenny lynch's autographed 45

Honda created asimo the robot in 2007 2007 bro :)

that time robot was make to do work and for fashion show

The first robot was a wooden one that was used to weave things.

The robot arm is what Sally Ride invented.

The robot of men opened invented the dsi

The new DaVinci si robot was launched in April 2009.

the robot dance was invented in the late 1600's

He invented a robot that brushes your teeth for you.Post-it notes were invented by accident.We have invented a new form of hyperdrive.

in afghanistan. say no more

It was invented by George devol in 1954

the person who invented the first robot

The first Robot Vacuum was inveented in 2002The first Robot Vacuum was inveented in 2002

His mother probably invented Bill Gates, but there are rumors that he was built by a robot.

Karel Capek invented the Robot, but MAY have not been in exactly Australia.

I Robot is a science fiction story written by Isaac Asimov, in which a FICTIONAL sentient robot describes his life.

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