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Wicca is a newer religion based on a mix of Saxon/Celtic folk traditions and Ceremonial magic. It was officially called Wicca by Gerald Gardener in the 50's. In the United States, Wicca was finally recognized as a religion in various states and by the Army in response to it's soldiers wanting to practice their faith without persecution.

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Wicca was never recognized as an official religion in the U.S.A. The government is prohibited from recognizing any religion by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

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Wicca was accepted as a religion first by the US Military, and then later by society, though many still to this day claim Wicca is not a religion.

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Q: When was wicca recognized as a religion In Tennessee?
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Is there a Wicca word for sister?

No. Wicca is a religion, not a language.

Is there a wiccan church in Arizona?

From a quick internet search, Wicca seems to be quite prevalent and common in Arizona. Incidentally, Wiccans meet in covens not "churches."

What religion is fastest growing?

Wicca is the faest growing religion

Is wicca a legal religion in the UK?


What religion deals with flames and smoke?


What religion emphasizes coexistence with nature?


Is there such thing as Wicca?

Yes, of course! Wicca is a religion just as Christianity is a religion. It is based on the beliefs of nature, and is in no way evil or dark. ----- Yes - it is a fertility based initiatory mystery religion.

Are there afro american wicca?

As Wicca is a religion focusing not on race, but on the belief structures of the individual, there is not (to my knowledge) a specific African-American Wicca. If you are asking if there is a participation by African-Americans in wicca, then the answer is yes.

Who belongs to wicca relegion?

Wicca is not a religion in the generally perceived sense of the word - it is a pagan spiritual practice.

Does Wicca exist?

Yes, Wicca does exist. Wicca is a pagan revivalist religion that incorporates many ancient Celtic traditions with other pagan pantheons.

What does Wicca mean?

When a person celebrates Wicca, they are celebrating their faith within it. Wicca is not only a religion, but it's a way of living, and most Wiccan's actually celebrate Wicca every day they are part of it.

Is there a wicca church in Quebec?

There are no churches in wiccan religion.