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Witchcraft is an ancient practice, it has always been here, it was never discovered in any particular year as the practice is timeless.

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Q: When was witchcraft first discovered and in what year?
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How was witchcraft discovered?

Witchcraft has existed since the beginning of mankind.

What year was witchcraft discovered?

Witchcraft stems from the Pagan religion- one of the first religions. It's more than just casting spells, and it is NOT about satanism. I highly suggest you do more research on witchcraft and Paganism than what ever you find on this website- google is a wonderful guide! :)

When was witchcraft first discovered?

Witchcraft as a religious belief system has evolved over thousands of years from its first incarnation as a primitive belief system amongst paleolithic men and women.

Where was witchcraft first discovered?

That would depend upon your definition of witchcraft. Witchcraft in the sense of a spiritual path of religio-magic predates Christianity and can be found to have existed or is still existing all over the world.

When was witchcraft didcovered?

Witchcraft wasn't 'discovered' as you obviously seem to think. Witchcraft has existed since the beginning of human life.

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