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The serial number you list does not match Browning convention. Go to to see what I mean.


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Both the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) and the Browning machineguns (series 1919) were made in caliber 30-06. HOWEVER, there were other calibers manufactured for special markets. Search Wikipedia for BAR, and look up some of the secondary calibers- they may be a surprise.

Identifies the barrel as suitable for modern loads.

what is the value of a browning 12 gauge shotgun Special steel field model.Serial # 01942RP112

Basically impossible to value with no other information.

I am trying to find out the value of my Browning Acier Special C 12 guage Shotgun KG 8663 Serial number 307368

They haven't. Special orders are still an option.

With the serial number that you provided,your Browning 16 gauge shotgun was produced in the year 1949,by FN of Belguim for Browning.

This was a light made gun but very desirable to any collector. This weapon was manufactured in 1969 by Browning.

Ithaca Firearms manufactured the Lefever Nitro Special shotgun with serial numbers between 101600 and 119899 in 1922.

The shotguns were manufactured by Ithaca from 1921 through 1947. Yours was manufactured in 1928.

New or used? Check your local gun retailer for current prices.

your browning sweet sixteen was made in 1965.assuming that you have a standard grade in 80% condition it would be worth about 625.00 dollars,if it has a vent rib barrel it would be worth 875.00 dollars. if the shotgun is in better condition say 90% the value would go up another 100-250 dollars.

That cannot be answered without you giving a detailed description of your browning shotgun overall condition,and barrel type(plain,solid matte rib,or vent rib.)

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