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When were DVD players invented and by who?

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The DVD player was a collaboration of the electronic companies Sony, Mitsubishi, JVC and many others. It was developed in the 1990's in Japan and released in the United States in 1997.

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where was the first DVD players invented?

I guess i can only tell you that DVD Player was first invented between 1994 and 1995.

The first DVD vidio players hit the market in the US in 1997. the first DVD players cost over $1000.

The first portable DVD players were introduced in 1998 by Panasonic. While newer portable DVD players have an average screen size of 7 inches, the first portable DVD player's screen was only 5 inches.

Many companies (eg. Sony, Warner Brothers, LG etc.) came together and invented together.

Yes! Panasonic DVD players are reviewed as one of the best brands of DVD players on the market and have been for years on end! They're a trust worthy brand.

DVD players basically accept the DVD-Video format. Modern DVD players can also play formats like mp4, mkv, mp3 DVD, HD DVD and Blu Ray.

A video burned to DVD can be played on MOST DVD players. But some older model DVD players can't read burned disks.Technology has come a long way since DVD players were introduced, so the majority of DVD players today can play burned media.

No, PC DVD games are not compatible with portable DVD players. Portable DVD players are capable of reading and displaying DVD videos.

Sony has a handful of DVD players, all differentiated by their accessories, such as VCR players.

DVD players do not support Blu Ray discs.

DVD players are usually coded for sale in a particular region this allows the industry to control and co-ordinate sales. DVD players will usually only play DVDs coded for the same region. Code free DVD players can play DVDs from any region.

There would be no DVD players.

* CDs * DVD's / DVD players * Computer * Printer * Scanner * Ipod / mp3 players / mp3's * microwaves * software * cell phones

There are many manufacturers of portable DVD players. These include Samsung, Philips and Sony. Another well known brand of portable DVD players is Toshiba.

The first DVD players were introduced in Japan and also Canada in November 1996, and DVD players were first available in the United States in March 1997. The first commercially available DVD player in the United States was the Sony DVP-S7000 in 1997 produced at Sony's Terre Haute Indiana plant, the cost was $970 USD.

The DVD player was invented in 1996 in Japan, by Sony.

yesyes it does because most DVD players will not play xvid as i have tried to on multiple DVD players

There are good companies that sell refurbished dvd players but since they are refurbished most of these dvd players do not come with warranties .

yes we can use DVD players on plane to listen songs. but we cant see the movies using DVD player!!!!!!!!!

Toshiba manufactures an array of DVD players ranging from $29.99 to $149.99. The price may determine the added features on the DVD player. Toshiba also makes blu-ray players and DVD recorders.

No. But you can play a DVD disc in Blu-Ray players

Portable car DVD Players are great for mounting in your car.

Most Newer models of DVD players can play MP3's.