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Jews were putted into Concentration Camps since 1933, when Adolf Hitler come to power.

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Were Jews sent to death camps or concentration camps?

Most were sent to extermination (death) camps, but some were sent to concentration camps.

Where were jews sent prior to concentration camps?

They were sent to ghettos prior to the Concentration Camps...

How many Jews were sent to concentration camps as a result of the Kristallnacht?

About 30,000 German Jews were sent to concentration camps in the aftermath of Kristallnacht.

Where were the Jews taken before they were taken to concentration camps?

Before the Jewish people were sent into Concentration camps, they were sent to labor camps. After they did not want to use them in the labor camps any longer, then sent them to the Concentration Camps.

Where were Jews sent prior to the concentration camps?

The Jews were often sent sent to ghettos first.

How many Jews were sent to Auschwitz from other Concentration Camps or Sub Camps?

According to numerouse sources and figures, Their's an estimate of 34,000 Jews were sent to Auschwitz from other Nazi Concentration Camps or Sub-Camps. According to most Historians, it widely agreed that 33,734 Jews were sent to Auschwitz from other Nazi Concentration Camps or Sub-Camps.

Why did Hitler place Jews into concentration camps?

Hitler sent Jews out to concentration camps because he was trying to Kill all Jews, he thought that they were not worthy to live.

What type of camps were Jews sent to?

Jews were sent mainly to extermination camps rather than concentration camps. Please see the related question(s).

By the end of kristallnacht how many Jews were in concentration camps?

During the Kristallnacht and the days that followed about 30,000 German Jews were sent to concentration camps.

Where did the jews go from the ghettoes?

They were sent, by force, to concentration camps.

How did the Jews suffer in nazi Germany?

They were sent to concentration camps. :/

Camp's where Jews were sent in World War 2?

Concentration camps or death camps.

Where did Hitler send Jews?

Adolf Hitler sent the Jews to Concentration Camps!!! Yes, but they were also sent to ghettos and later in the holocaust, Extermination Camps.

Did the first Nazi concentration camp have Jews?

Yes, but until 1938 Jews were not sent to concentration camps simply for being Jews.

What are Nazi -Jews?

Nazis who are jewish but If they were caught then they would be sent to concentration camps

Where were Jews forced to lived?

Besides concentration camps,They would be sent to a ghetto,which they soon had to be sent away to camps. -Mr.Sir

How were the Jews tourtured?

they were named sam atherton and were sent to concentration camps.

Why did Jews get sent into concentration camps?

so that they would not be in the general population

Why did you get sent into the concentration camp?

Most of the people sent to the concentration camps and death camps during the Holocaust were Jews. But other groups of individuals sent to the camps included homosexuals, gypsies, political opponents, those who hid and helped Jews, blacks, and resistance workers.

What were the camps called where the Nazis sent the Jews?

Concentration camps, forced labor camps and extermination camps. From late 1941 on most of the Jews were sent to extermination camps, where they were killed within 12-48 hours of arrival.

Set of laws that sent Jews to concentration camps?

The deportations to camps were not based on any law. They were just done. (The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 did not send Jews (or anyone else) to concentration camps or extermination camps). .

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