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Q: When were Members of Parliament first allowed to claim expenses?
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Is the word 'approval' a verb?

No - the verb is 'approve', as in - "please approve my expenses claim". But in "my expenses claim is waiting approval", 'approval' is a noun.

Are executor expenses tax deductible?

they are not a deductable amount. You can claim expenses as an executor against the estate funds. However, if you do claim executor expenses against the amount of the estate they are taxed as income for the person claiming them.

Where can I find out what corporate vacation expenses I can claim as a business expense?

I believe this web site would be a great site to see what expenses can be claim as business expenses. Also to see certain places to go.

Why can British politicians claim parliamentary expenses in addition to their salary?

The whole system of parliamentary expenses is highly controversial, and there is a lot of opinion surrounding whether MPs and indeed Lords should be allowed to claim expenses in addition to their salary (base of £65,738). Expenses are intended for politicians to pay for their staff, travel and living arrangements when undertaking their office. Depending on the location of their constituency, MPs are likely to have two houses; one in their constituency, and one closer to Westminster. This is the main reason why MPs can claim a living allowance - travelling to and from Westminster on a daily basis would be extremely expensive and time-consuming.

What is a low priority claim?

A claim that gets paid only after higher priority claims are paid in full. Higher priority claims can include expenses of last sickness, funeral expenses, expenses of administering the decedent's estate, and sometimes child support.

What form do you I use to claim funeral expenses on taxes?

Funeral expenses are not deductible on a tax return (IRS Pub 502).

Can you use flexible spending account and claim medical expenses?

Yes but you can NOT deduct the medical expenses that are paid for from your FSA account.

What allowed to US to Claim midway atoll?

The Guano Islands Act allowed the United States to claim midway atoll.

I am on the process of divorcing my wife She cheated on me and claimed that our first child was mine but is not DNA tested Can I claim for refund of the expenses I paid for raising the child?

You can claim any thing that you want but it probably will not benefit you in any way to do this if you choose to try and claim the expenses for raising the child.

Can a daughter of divorced mother claim education and other expenses from her father?


Can you claim expenses for loss of vehicle and earnings in small claims court?

No, i do not think you can do that.

How much in medical can you claim on your taxes?

Answer: You can claim all the medical expenses you have incurred as long as they exceed the 7.5% of you AGI (Adjusted Gross Income). Make sure you keep proof of this expenses for at least the next 5 years.