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Extra-terrestrial life has not been seen.

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Where have aliens been sighted?


Have aliens ever been sighted?

Not that anyone knows and has been able to prove.

Has An Alien Ever Been Sighted In New Jersey?

There are no such things as aliens and if you think there are i pity you.

When was Niagara Falls first sighted?

It was first Sighted in 1678 by a French explore.

When was the Bermuda triangle first sighted?

The Bermuda Triangle was first sighted in 1798

When was Nessie first and last sighted?

She was first sighted by a saint in 565 AD when she allegedly killed a local, and last sighted in June of 2009.

Where Was the Lochness Monster first Sighted?

its been sighted in Scotland neer the lochness

When was the first ghost sighted?

The first ghost was sighted in 1976. Late one night 3 men noticed it.

Where was the armada sighted?

The Spanish Armada was first sighted by the English off the coast of Cornwall.

When was the moons first sighted?

It has to be a caveman.

When were the banshees first sighted?

in 2006

Where were the first crocodiles sighted?


Where was the first human sighted?

at mcdonalds

Who first sighted Samoa?

Barnaba auia

When was the first airplane sighted in Nigeria?

In kano

If you are myopic are you long -sighted or short -sighted?


Who was the first person to invent aliens?

aliens are not invented. they are real

What country was the Himalayan yeti first sighted?

it was in the himmilayyas

What day was the new world sighted?

Guanahani island was the first land in the New World seen and visited by Christopher Columbus. It was first sighted on October 12, 1492.

First Eyropean to sight New Zealand?

In 1769, a surgeons boy, called Nicholas Young first sighted NZ. The peninsula he first sighted is now called 'Young Nick's Head'.

Are dogs near-sighted or far-sighted?

Dogs are both. But mostly far sighted

How do aliens give birth?

First of all, the theory of aliens does exist. But so far, it is proven that aliens do not exist.

When was the first UFO sighted in America?

1800's ish

When he first sighted land where did Columbus believed he had arrived in?


What date was land first sighted by Christopher Columbus?