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Gears were invented in 27th century B.C. One of the first types of gears created was to rotate wheels for chariots.

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When was gears invented?


Why was the gear invented?

Gears were invented to make working easier.

When were bicycle gears invented?

Sometime in the 1900s...

Why were gears invented?

To help make work easier.

Who invented gears?

prishen manichan over 3000 years ago

When was the gear invented?

Nobody knows. There were gears thousands of years ago.

Who is the first invented the calculator?

Blaise Pascal. He made it out of wooden gears.

Who invented the Mountain bike gears?

Tullio Campagnolo made the first derailleur, but no one really invented MTB gears. Gears were already available for road bikes, so people started using those and then gradually changed them to work better for MTB-type riding.

Who invented the arithmetic machine that used gears to add and subtract?

Blaise Pascal

Who invented pulleys and gears?

idk but pulleys were made in Sicily 250 B.C

What are the types of gears?

gears, gears 2, and gears 3

Who invented the caculator?

Blaise Pascal invented the calculator. the calculator was called the Pascaline. it was made 427 years ago. Every 10 times you used it you would have to change the gears.

What did the Chinese do?

Invented gunpowder, paper as we know it today, the compass, printing, golf, and differential gears, to name a few things.

Who invented bike gears?

Initially, bike gears were inside the rear hub. There's records of internal hub gears being patented as early as the 1880's. The first successful implementation was William Reilly's "The Hub", a 2-speed internal gear hub, which went into production in England in 1898.

Who invented the adding machine?

In 1642 Blaise Pascal invented the pascaline, the first adding machine using gears, to help his father calculate taxes. William Seward Burroughs invented a different kind of adding machine in 1885.

Where was Delrin Invented Who invented it Wat does it do how was it invented?

Derlin was invented in the 1950s by Hermann Staudinger. A researcher at DuPont named R.N. MacDonald improved Staudinger's original formula to make it more stable. Delrin is a crystalline plastic that is used for electrical insulator, bearings, or gears.

Why are helical gears used instead of spur gears?

Spur gears have straight teeth while helical gears have curved teeth. Generally, helical gears are usually quieter and smoother in operation, while spur gears are easier to make and much less expensive.Helical gears are stronger than spur gears.

How many gears are in most cars?

Well in most cars there are 5 gears and the reverse. Don't forget the timing gears, steering gears and differential gears.

When was The High Wheel Tricycle invented?

Stephen Farffler, a German paraplegic, was the inventor of the tricycle in 1680. This version had hand cranks and gears.

How many years have dirt bikes been invented?

dirt bikes in the past had less gears and power then dirt bikes have today

When did car become invented?

The first car was Guido da Vigevano in 1335. It was a windmill type drive to gears and thus to wheels

What are camshaft gears?

Camshaft gears are the gears that drive shaft that operates the cams.

Why is gears on my computer?

Gears are not in a computer.

What gears are in the garage?

a car in in gears

Does computers have gears?

Computers do not have gears.