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Q: When were gray whales first discovered?
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Are humpback whales and gray whales the same?

Humpbacks and gray whales are different species.

Are gray Whales toothed whales or Baleen whales?

Gray whales are baleen whales. The Sperm whale is the only really big toothed whale.

When were gray wolves first discovered?

grey wolves were first discovered in north America

Do gray whales have theet?

yes gray whales have theet

Are Gray whales endangered?

Yes, Gray whales are endangered.

How do gray whales eat their food?

Gray whales are baleen whales; they filter food out of the water.

Do gray whales eat killer whales?

No. Killer whales eat gray whales.

Are gray whales cold or warm blooded?

Gray whales - like all whales - are warm blooded.

When were whales first discovered?

the first whale was discover in the 1500's

Do gray whales hunt together?

no. gray whales do not hunt. they feed on krill.

Are gray whales mammals?

yes gray whales are mammals. They are marine mammals.

What prey on a gray whale?

Only Killer Whales (Orcas) prey on gray whales.

What is the population of gray whales?

Their population number is between 18,000 and 30,000 Gray Whales.

What do gray whales look like?

gray whales are black and gray with whale lice and barnacles and a triangle head and bumpy skin

What are the predators of gray whales?

Killer Whales.

What kind of whales have no teeth?

Gray whales

Where do gray whales get their food?

The gray whales get their food from the ocean or body of water that they live in. - posted by M6

What is different about gray and blue whales?

umm....tough one but blue whales are unharmful and gray whales are very harmful for example 'the killer whale"...

How many gray whales are killed by the US?

No gray whales are killed. Indigenous communities in Alaska kill 50 bowhead whales a year.

What is the best place to see gray whales?

The California coast is an excellent place to see gray whales as they migrate.

How long do gray whales stay underwater?

Adult gray whales can stay underwater for approximately 10 - 15 minutes.

What are the preys of a gray whale?

Killer Whales (Orcas), Large Sharks, and Humans are the Gray Whales only natural predators

Where do gray whales have birth?

Breeding behavior is complex and often involves three or more gray whales. The Gestation period is about one year, and females reproduce biennially. The calf is born tail first, and measures about 4 meters in length at birth. The Gray Whales give birth to their young in shallow lagoon waters. This is done to protect the newborn from predators like sharks and orcas

How did gray whales become extinct?

Grey Whales are not extinct.

What kind of whales migrate to have birth?

Gray whales and hump back whales migrate to have birth.