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When were iPods made?

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In July 2004, the first iPod was made!

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Who made the iPods?

Apple makes iPods.

Where are iPods exported?

Some ipods are made in factories across America. Others are made in japan

Can you purchase an iPod that is not made by apple?

All iPods are made by Apple but there are many other MP3 players that are not made by Apple but they are not iPods.

What is the iPods made of?

plastic and aluminum

Where are iPods made-?

They are assembled in china

What did you use to make the iPods?

The iPods are made by machines, so that there are no mistakes, but are checked after words by humans.

What is the collective noun for a group of iPods?

There is no standard collective noun for iPods.Since an iPod is a trademarked product made by a manufacturer; the collective noun for a manufacturers group of products would be a line of iPods.As a consumer product, iPods are normally individually owned or possessed by a consumer; but if you happen to be a consumer with a number of iPods, you have a collection of iPods.Some collective nouns suggested for iPods are:a pod of iPodsa puddle of iPodsa cemetery of iPods

What company owns iPod?

Ipods are made by Apple.

What are iPods made of?

An Ipod is made up of plastic, metal, wires, and glass.

Are Apple iPods only made in the US?

All iPods are designed in California and assembled in China. They are sold all around the world.

IPod is made by what company?

Apple makes all iPods. If it is not made by Apple it's not an iPod.

How many ipods are made each year?

probably around 2million

What company was iPods made in?

The Ipod is designed, manufactured, and marketed by Apple Inc.

What is the ipods impact on the music industry?

it made a good way to take your music with you

Do you like iPods or mp3 players?


What do you call a group of iPods?

a pod of ipods

What kind of machines were made or invented during the 21st century?

ipods and cell phones

Do iPods have plasma in them?

Yes tons of it. There made 99% of plasma. And 1% firewood ash.

Can iPods get you sick?

ipods getting you sick,is to me,impossible.

What the iPods replaces?

the ipods replace mostly MP3s

Who listens to iPods?

a lot of people listen to ipods

Are there iPods in Portugal?

Of course there are. Lots of people have Ipods.

What devices were the predecessors of MP3 players and iPods?


Can MP3 players win iPods?

No. iPods can win MP3 players but MP3 players cannot win iPods.

What colors are iPods?

ipods come in all different colours