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Medieval Times

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How did knights get around?

by horse

When did knights die out?

Knights still exist; Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Elton John are knights. Knights ceased to be used in warfare around the 16th century.

Who were the knights around the legend of the round table?

They are the knights of the Round Table (including Merlin) they were kind of like King George's authorities but King Arthurs knights

How long have knights been around?

overr 100,000 answers

Do knights have children?

Yes because they did the work around the house

How many are the round tables knights?

150 knights can be seated around the Round Table. I few of the well known knights are Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Galahad, Sir Percival and others.

Where did knights practice?

They had practice grounds set up in and around the estate.

Were the Knights Templer Germanic?

Yes. The Knights Templar were Germanic, the originated as a Christian religious order of Knights who fought in the Crusades and they were originally from the Western portion of Germany near the Rhine river. Towards the end to after the crusades, a few of the members of the Knights Templar moved into France, and expanded the order to France. The Knights Templar originated from the Teutonic order of Knights, and the Knights Hospitaller who were both famous, yet powerful, Christian groups who were from Germany. The Knights Templar still are around today but are referred to as just "Templars" or "Free Masons."

How many years does Yoda trains Jedi knights?

around 800 years

Who where the knights at the knights of the round table?

Arthur knights

What are some facts about knights?

Some facts on knights are that knights wear a scarf and a viel to impress the ladies. Another fact on knights is that the way they jousted is the oringanal shootout and it was the start of the rifle.if knights were good at combat, they would be rewarded with chicken dipped in cheese.Some knights wore nothing underneath their armor because they thought it would make them sweat less & it was easier to move aroundknights didnt want squires, they were forced to have them because their lords forced them too.

Can cygnus knights go zakuming?

Yes, Cygnus knights in the game MapleStory can go Zakuming. Zakuming starts at around level 50 of the game, and while Cygnus knights cannot reach max level, they can reach level 120.

What is the collective noun for knights?

A banner of knights, or a rout of knights.

What did King Arthur gathered his knights around the Round Table for?

because someone was dying

Why did knights ride horses?

so they could get around fast and so they could joust on them

What did religion have to do with being a knight?

Well it depends really. There were many types of Knights. The knights who fought for the British Empire, well the Government of the time was very religious. The Templar Knights were protecting Christian secrets. A knight isn't always religious. However, most things during the time of Knights were revolved around religion.

What knights do you need to get?

You need to get the Black Knights because they are the strongest knights.

King Arthur's knights are known as the knights of?

the knights of the round table

A group of knights are called?

a group of knights is called a bunch of knightsa group of knights is called a bunch of knights

Who was the rulers of the knights?

That depends on what Knights you are talking about. Are you talking about the medieval Knights in each Kingdom, the Knights of Malta, the Knights Templar? You are going to have to be a little more specific to get a meaningful answer.

Do knights operate the medieval cannons?

No. That was left to the peasant foot solider. Knights were mainly on horse. Imagine trying to move around a great deal with armour on. It was hard enough to get them on the horse.

What do the Knights of Columbus believe?

The knights of Columbus are catholic. The knights of Columbus are catholic.

Where do you get the gold coin on astor knights?

You go to the fountain and jump up and walk around and its up there.

What do you do after you get the coin on Astro Knights Island?

give it to the guy in the museum and he'll let you look around

What do you do with the space ship in asto knights in poptropica?

Fly around in space to any of the planets in your spaceship

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