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The idea of using visible light came around in the late '50's with the first patent attempt in 1958. The first working laser was made in 1960. It was based on an earlier invention called the MASER that used microwaves. The first thought about using infrared but then settled on visible light.

Because it used visible light, the first patent used the term "optical MASER" instead of "LASER". The term LASER came from a paper in 1959 that spoke of the concept.

LASER stands for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. (for MASER, replace "light" with "microwave")

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When was Cooking with Lasers created?

Cooking with Lasers was created on 2002-04-09.

Are rubies used in lasers?

Yes, rubies are used in some LASERs. These LASERs are (not surprisingly) called ruby LASERs.

Who invented lasers?

Lasers were invented by Dr.Theodore Maiman

How lasers work in road scanners?

How do lasers work

What damage can lasers do?

lasers damage call composition

How do you say 'lasers' in Bulgarian?


Can the sun shoot lasers?

no because it has no lasers inside of it

What are the different kinds of lasers?

gas lasers: helium-neon, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc.liquid lasers: dye, chemical reaction lasers, etc.solid lasers: ruby, semiconductor laser diodes, etc.Lasers can be made many ways. Too many for me to list here.

Are lasers used in podiatry?

Yes, lasers can be used in podiatry.

Can laser be used in plural as in lasers?

the plural of laser is lasers. for example I have many lasers. you don't say I have many laser.

What is the difference between cold and hot lasers?

Cold lasers are safer and deal less pain than hot lasers. Cold lasers are usually used for repairing skin damage and treating pain and inflammation. Hot lasers are simply used for burning things.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas lasers over crystal lasers?


Why did they make lasers?

They made lasers to defend the world from space aliens!!!

Where are the lasers on spy island?

I think the "lasers" are the things blocking the windows.

Do lasers emit gamma rays?

No. Lasers produce coherent light.

Are gems used in lasers?

are gems used as rubies called lasers

Why are blue and green lasers illegal?

All lasers are illegal if they are higher than 5mw green and blue lasers are not illegal if they are 5mw or less.

What is the difference between lasers and tunable lasers?

All tunable LASERs are LASERS, however not all LASERS are tunable. In a tunable laser the lasing medium, which is typically a gas, dye or crystal, can be altered to produce slightly different frequencies, thus allowing the laser to be 'tuned' or frequency changed where most LASERS produce a very narrow band of radiation frequencies.

Gems called rubies are used in lasers?

There is some truth that rubies are used in lasers. The ruby laser was the first laser created using a faux ruby crystal as a medium. It was developed by Ted Maiman in May of 1960.

Can lasers destroy bombs?

Yes, lasers can shoot down bombs and destroy them.

What devices use lasers?

There are a great many devices in the world that use lasers. Computer mice for example might use lasers to operate efficiently.

Are there lasers in space?

Certain astronomical phenomena are believed to be a result of the operation of natural lasers. If you mean man-made lasers: sure there are, on satellites and whatnot.

The main difference of the semiconductor lasers and gas lasers?

The main difference is the medium of the laser.

Is scandium used for lasers?

I suppose that scandium was used up today in garnet lasers.

Can lasers destroy missiles and bombs?

The answer is yes, lasers can destroy incoming missiles and bombs.

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