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it was invented in 300 bc it was invented in 300 bc

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What is the difference between Scan disk memory cards and the others?

Sandisk memory cards are functionally equivalent to all other similiar memory cards, it just is branded.

Who invented flash memory?

Flash memory was invented by Toshiba.

Are memory cards secure?

Memory cards are relatively unsecure unless you put a password on the material.

Type of memory card cameras?

New camera's typically use two kinds of memory cards. They use either SD cards or Sony memory cards. Some allow micro-sd cards.

What types of memory card does Sony offer?

Sony offers a variety of memory cards such as micro memory cards for a variety of cell phones and cameras, memory cards for a variety of game consoles such as Sony playstations.

Which has more space a 1GB memory card or a 512MB memory card?

1GB memory card has more space. The capacity of the memory cards are various, such as, 16MB 32MB. There are lots of memory cards on this website: You can have a look.

Which is the highest capacity for Dell Inspiron memory cards?

There are a wide variety of different memory cards on the market created by Dell Inspiron. However the highest capacity for these memory cards is 4GB.

Is the PlayStation 2 memory cards volatile or non-volatile flash memory?

The PlayStation 2 memory cards have the non-volatile and not the volatile flash memory.

What makes the Transcend memory cards different from the Scan Disk memory Cards?

The brand name, that is all.

When virtual memory is invented?

Virtual memory was invented in the early 1960s

Are kem cards the same as memory cards?

Kem cards are a brand of playing and collectable trading cards. I could not find any information that the company makes memory cards or other software.

What memory cards are least expensive?

Memory cards that are the least expensive first of all are no name brand with the least amount of memory on the card. No name brand cards cost ten to twenty less for the same amount of memory.

What uses are there for Memory Pro Duo cards?

There are many uses for a Memory Pro Duo cards. One use is for video game memory, another use is for data memory from a computer, or laptop. Pro Duo cards can be used for any number of memory storage.

What kind fo memory cards does the PS3 Memory Card Adapter by Sony use?

It can adapt memory cards from the PS2, PS3 and from the original playstation.

Can psp 1000 use phone memory cards?

No, you can't, they use Sony's proprietary Memory Stick cards.

Are there specialy colored memory cards?

There are no custom colored memory cards unless you are talking about the memory sticks you place into your computer. Those particular cards you can order special customized logos colors etc.

Are sim cards memory cards?

yeah pretty much

Is there a PS3 memory card?

No, PS3 does not use memory cards.

Why do GameCube memory cards reformat?

GameCube memory cards can reformat when something is wrong with the memory card, such as it becoming corrupt. You can also reformat the memory card manually through the GameCube's memory card manager.

Who actually makes the flash memory in memory cards?

Kingston makes Flash memory.

How many cards doe the PS3 Memory Card Adapter by Sony use?

It will use memory cards from any playstation.

Who invented game cards?

Ferninad Magellan invented game cards! It's true!

Is there a camera that camoes with a memory card?

Nearly all new digital cameras use SDHC memory cards or some other form of flash memory cards.

Are some brands of memory cards better than others?

Most memory cards are the same, its most important to make sure that you have the right type of memory card.

What technology is the memory based on?

Memory cards are based on digital technology.