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In Britain ration books where brought out in January 8th, 1940 and were taken out of use in 1954.

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Q: When were ration books brought into use and taken out of use?
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What is the value of World War 2 ration books with all the unused stamps intact?

World War 2 Ration BooksThe war ration was not very high. The war ration stamps are very common and the demand for them in the collector's circle is not very high. A complete book might get $10, whereas partial books and single stamps are not going to be anywhere near as valuable. The sentimental value is of more value, as it reminds people of the struggles and their contribution to the war effort.I agree completely with the sentimental value when finding out that in 1945+, one had to use these stamps to purchase food. Families also had to do an inventory of what they had in their pantry, and they would have to actually subtract their stamps from the book, based on their inventory.Rationing ended in 1945; ration stamps obviously have no objective economic value. But they are collected by some people, so they have subjective collectible value. The best way to find the current going prices would be to search eBay auctions for stamps like yours.Fewer of the ration stamps were used in Books 2 & 3, making them less valuable. Click on the Related Link for more information.

What is the value of War ration book four with stamps inside?

You might be able to get a few dollars for it from someone looking for World War 2 memorabilia. Book 4 was a sort of catch all for things like tires and shoes and not one used often. A few dollars to the right collector. Everyone that lived in the US was issued ration books, so they are pretty common. Finding one with a lot of stamps left in it is much harder. That would mean that the person didn't use their stamps to buy goods.

Why did people have to use ration books in World War 2?

Wars are very expensive and consume a lot of resources. That is especially true of desperate, total wars such as WW II. During WW II there were shortages of food, fuel, and other basic goods. In times of shortage, some people will buy up as much as they can, and hoard their purchases out of fear of running out, but that only makes the supplies run out faster for other people, and is not fair. So to avoid that problem, people were only allowed to buy a set amount of food and fuel. Ration books were used to keep track of how much any given person bought, and to prevent them from buying too much.

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Yes. Libraries still use the Dewey Decimal system to organize books and help people easily find their favorite books.

How did Tesla Use Electricity?

to read elaborate books that where made electricity.

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Did America use ration books during the great depression?


Do people still use ration books?

Ofcource; only, for political correctness the name has changed; and they are now called "Food Stamps"

Use the word ration in a sentence?

If it were possible you might run out of food, it would be wise to ration it.

How do you use ration in a sentence?

Example sentence - The daily ration was barely enough to sustain life.

Did Australia use ration books in the great depression?

yes they did they had very small rations as well around 1 egg a week for 1 person

What is meant by ratio?

Well .. A ration is soemthing we use in Maths.

In Anne Frank what do annexers use ration cards for?

to get food

Why did they have to use ration book?

German bombed ships that delivered the food so a ration book helped people to buy food.

How were ration cards used in World War 2?

Go to this web page and bring up each book. example book 2 the stamps have a M on them ,that was for meat: Ration books were used in WW2. The government rationed food so we could feed our soldiers at war and feed civilians at the same time. Ration stamps came inside the book and had to be presented so you could actually buy rationed goods. Some goods were: canned foods, sugar, eggs, coffee, sugar, meats. Without a ration stamp, you could not buy rationed foods. There were very strict rules about exactly how to use them. Try searching "ration Books" , there are many sites which include more information.

Does the US military still use K rations?

No, the US military no longer issues K-rations. The K-ration was first introduced in 1942. The C-ration replaced the K-ration in 1948.

How many ration tickets were you aloud to use?

48 was the answer and it was very sexy

When did the Soviet Union use ration books?

I am pretty sure that it was in 1946 after the Second World War. They had a poor harvest due to some harsh weather conditions. It only lasted until 1947.

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