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Q: When were steam winches introduced on ships?
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Who introduced the steam engine to ships?

Robert Fulton

How was the first excavator powerd?

With steam. It powered winches and cables.

Were steam ships used before sailing ships?

First were sailing ships, THEN steam ships.

Where steam ships used before sailing ships?


What is ships boiler?

Some older ships used the power of steam to propel them through the water. A boiler is used to heat water to make steam which is passed to a steam engine which turns the propeller. In ships like the Titanic the boiler was fuelled by coal but later steam ships used gas to heat the water.

What river were steam ships were used on?

Most countries have some rivers on which steam ships were used. You need to state a specific country.

What type of transportation was invented in the late 1800s and early 1900s?

The forms of transportation introduced were cable-car lines, a trolley car and the nations first subway.

Were the clipper ships the pride of the open seas in 1840?

No it is the steam powered ships...

What fueled steam ships in the 1900s?


What fuel was used in steam ships?


What are police horses used for and when were they introduced?

I think they were introduced before the steam engine.

What are two forms of transporation that are intvented direcly after the development of the steam engine?

steam ships, and steam carriages (locomotives).