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Don't know about the others but Dachau, near Munich, was opened around 1933.

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Q: When were the ghettos and concentration camps created in World War 2?
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Where were jews sent prior to concentration camps?

They were sent to ghettos prior to the Concentration Camps...

The Nazi's established what?

Ghettos, concentration camps and extermination camps.

Did ghettos or concentration camps come first?

Ghettos preceded concentration camps. Concentration camps appeared during the Nazi era in Germany. Ghettos were present in the largest cities in Germany (and other large urban areas in other countries) well before that.

What were ghettos of the holocaust?

ghettos were the "rest stop" before concentration camps. they were there to collect the jews, gypsies, and the other groups that hitler disliked before sending them off to the concentration camps

How many people were killed in concentration camps during ww2?

In the Concentration Camps alone, at least 12.8 out of 13.5 Million People were murdered in the actual Concentration Camps.This figure doesn't includePeople killed in Ghettos.People died on the way to the Camps or/and Ghettos.Mass shootings which took place outside of the area perimeter of ANY kind of Nazi Concentration Camp and/or Ghetto.Unknown death toll of Escapees from the Ghettos and/or the Concentration Camps.

Before concentration camps where were Jewish people put?


Where were the most of the ghettos and concentration camps located in Europe?


Where did Jews hide to avoid the ghettos?

Life in the ghettos was not only restricted and confined, but eventually, everyone in the ghettos was carted to concentration camps.

Where were Jews forced to live in German controlled countries?

ghettos, concentration camps, and death camps

How meany people died in concentration camps?

Around 13 Million People died in the Concentration Camps. About 300,000 died i the Ghettos.

Were ghettos just waiting areas for concentration camps and death?

In practice, that is exactly what the ghettos set up by the Nazis were.

Where did Hitler take the Jews to kill?

mainly, he killed them in concentration camps, and ghettos, where in the ghettos, they got very sick, hungry,and starved to death. in the concentration camps, the soldiers there and guards there, worked, tortured and beat them to death.

How are concentration camps and ghettos different?

concentration camps are where the natzis put Jewish people and killed them becoase of their relgon and ghettos are just neiborhoods that are geenerally poor and have gangs an dtend to involve shooting from high people

Who gather Jews into ghettos and eventually ship them to concentration camps in world war 2?

Who made West Edmonton Mall

Did Nazis built ghettos as part of the reconstruction after World War 1?

The Ghettos were an attempt to separate the Jewish people so that transportation to concentration camps would be easier once those camps were available to process the killing of the Jewish people,

What were the ghettos in Elie Wiesel's Night?

Ghettos were a small section of a city where Jews were herded into and kept until they were sent to concentration camps.

Why did Hitler move Jews from ghettos to concentration camps?

The ghettos was getting too overcrowded so another solution had to be found for what to do with the Jews.

What was the resettlement program Hitler made Jews go to?

I presume that you mean the ghettos, concentration camps, and death camps. Ghettos were closed off portions of towns and cities, most famously the Warsaw Ghetto, where Jews were forced to live. The ghettos were gradually liquidated, and the Jews sent to concentration and death camps as quickly as the Germans could manage.

How did the Nazis deal with or manage the Jews at first?

they killed them or sent them to ghettos and concentration camps

What was the name of the places where Jews where kept in the holocaust?

The main ones were ghettos and concentration camps.

What conditions in the ghettos and concentration camps caused tuberculosis to spread?

The combined effects of malnutrition and severe overcrowding meant that infectious diseases spread easily. Moreover, there was no medication in the camps and ghettos.

Where were Jews forced to live?

concentration camps or death camps Edit: Like the above said, they were sent to concentration camps. Although, if they were healthy the Jew was then send to work camps, but before this they lived in the ghettos. (or they had to go hide.)

Could they send letters in the ghetto?

Letters could be sent from ghettos (and some concentration camps, too) to the outside world, but they were subject to censorship.

How did the Jews live during World War II?

It was very hard to with the concentration camps st up by the Germany the Jews lived in Ghettos

Did they go to the ghettos and then the death camps?

The concentration camps were being built all over Germany and many were already built but the raids on Jewish ghettos was common in rounding up Jews to be sent to concentration camps. There's no record of anyone being released from a death camp to return to a ghetto.