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Your Western Field model 37 bolt action rifle was made for Montgomery Wards(Western Field) by Mossberg and sons.The Mossberg model 30 and your rifle are one and the same.The Mossberg model 30 single shot .22cal rifle was made from 1933-1935.

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Q: When were western model 37 bolt action rifles made?
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When was the western field model 770a 30.06 bolt action rifel made?

your western Field model 770a was made for Montgomery Wards(western Field) by Mossberg.The Mossberg model 472 and your rifle are one and the same.These rifles were made between 1974-1976.

Looking for a picture of western auto revelation model 100?

My cross reference show this as a Mossberg model 321 or 320 Bolt Action. I suggest you find a "2010 Standard catalogue of firearms" and look up the photos. Look under Bolt action rifles in the Mossberg section.

Are parts available for a Winchester Model 47 bolt action rifle?

This bolt is the same one used in the Winchester model 57, 69 and 75 rifles.

Who manufactured Wards Western Field 22 bolt action model 47c?

Your .22cal bolt action rifle was made by mossberg.The model number is mossberg model 45A.

Are Model 25 Sears Roebuck 22 rifles semi automatic or bolt action?

Semi automatic

Who made westernfield model 31 22 lr bolt action?

The Western Field model 31A was made by Mossberg and Sons firearm Company.The Mossberg model 40,or model 44 while be the same as your Western Field bolt action rifle.

Where can you find parts and information on Revelation 22 bolt action rifles?

Revelation was a trade name marketed by Western Auto. If you have a model number, I may be able to cross-reference it to the manufacturer.

How do you measure the action on a bolt rifle?

Book of Bolt Action Rifles should help

Who was the manufacturer of a Western Field model 732A bolt action rifle?


Who made the Western Field Model M842A Bolt Action 22 cal Rifle?

Should be the Mossberg 346 - Produced for Western Field until 1971. 24 inch barrel, holds Shorts, Longs, and Long Rifles.

Who made jc Higgins bolt action 22 rifles?

Depending on the model number... I have a jc higgend 22 bolt action and they were sold at Sears and that was their name,,, Marlin is the maker of the one I have...

What is value of model 47 30-30 Stevens bolt action?

The value will be between 125-200 dollars for this model of bolt action rifle.These rifles were made between 1928-1945 I believe and are fine first model rifles to be used by new hunters to learn about rifle safety,rifle handling and marksmanship.

What is the age of western field model 30 12 gauge bolt action?

Cant find information on a kessler bolt action rifle from 1950

When was the Western Field bolt action 410 shotgun model M150D made?


Western model 37 bolt action 22 rifle?

10-100 usd

Is the mossberg model 45A the same as a western field bolt action 22 rifle model?

The mossberg model 45A is the same gun as the western field model 47.

What year did Winchester come up with the 243?

The 243 Winchester caliber was introduced in the model 70 bolt action and the model 88 lever action rifles in the year 1955 by Winchester.

Is there a 110 rifle?

Savage manufactured a Model 110 bolt action rifle in several calibers. Very good rifles.

Does Ithaca still make bolt action rifles?


Do bolt action rifles jam?

It is possible, yes.

Rifle makes of midland?

Are you asking about double rifles,rook rifles or bolt action.

How can you tell the model number of a r Remington 22 cal bolt action rifle?

I posted a link (related links) for Remington on their archive page to bolt action rifles, you might be able to identify it there.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 1901 single shot .22 pump action rifle?

No such model. Winchester did not make a 'Model 1901 single shot .22 pump-action rifle.' They made a Model 1900, Model 1902 and Model 1904, which were all single-shot bolt-action rifles, and they made the Model 1890 and Model 1906 which were slide-action rifles but had tubular magazines. How exactly is your rifle marked?

Who manufactured the Western Field Model 175B 20 gauge bolt action shotgun.?


What is the value of a western field 20 gauge bolt action model 15k or x?