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When where siege towers built?

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to attack castles

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When were siege towers invented?

Siege towers have been used since at least the Roman times. Tiberius built a siege tower that eventually conquered the top of the Masada in 71 AD.

Why were trebuchets built in castle walls?

To destroy the siege towers and other siege weapons of the enemy army.

When did Richard 1st use siege towers in the crusades?

In the siege of Acre

How did siege towers protect attackers?

Siege towers often had cattle hides hung from the sides like curtains to stop oil and arrows.

Are siege towers the same as assault towers?

Very similar in build and usage.

What are facts about the roman siege tower?

The Roman siege towers could be on rollers to be mobile or they could be stationary. They were built taller than the walls of the city they were attacking, enabling the men inside to fire down upon the enemy. Often a battering ram was concealed inside a siege tower. Because they were made of wood, the siege towers were vulnerable to fire if the enemy shot incendiary arrows them. The Romans had to be on the alert for this.

How to Defend against siege towers?

By being a boss

What year was The Petronas Towers built?

the petronas towers were built in 1998

What simple machines are in a battering ram?

We studied the Assyrians and built a battering ram, chariot and a siege ... Chariots, battering rams and siege towers all make use of simple machines.

Who built the Roman army weapon?

Blacksmiths made the swords javelins armour and helmets. Siege towers and other siege equipment were made by the soldiers. The ballistas (crossbow-like catapults) were made by specialised craftsmen enlisted in the army.

When were the Martello Towers built?

The Martello Towers were built in 1846... that is what i know :P

How do you defeat the siege towers in sypro dawn of the dragon?

you kill it

When age were siege towers used?

They were used in the medieval ages.

When was the first siege siege gun built?

It was made in 1967

When were The Kuwait Towers built?

it was built in 1975

Why are the twin towers so important?

when were the twin towers built

Did the roman army use siege towers?

Yes the Romans Used Siege towers. They were tall towers that were pushed upon a wall of fortification the Romans would climb up the ladders inside of it, stand on the platform that was on top then the soldiers would throws javelins and maybe arrows!!!

When were the twintowers built?

The twin towers were built in 1973.

What is a talus on a medieval castle?

A slope on the wall to prevent siege towers and ladders

How were the twin towers built?

the twin towers were built by very large machinery and they also took a while to build them

Where was the first siege tower built?


What empire built the siege ladder?

The Assyrians

What were siege towers for?

To get men on the walls without suffering enormous casualties as you would with a ladder.

When was the petronas twin towers built?

The towers was constructed during 1992-1998

Is the twin towers Built?

no not yet