Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

When wil the train work on soul silver?

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You must get the generator part from the Cerulean Gym and give it back the Powerstation.

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Pokemon soul silver how to get gs ball?

you wil get in mystery gift but i really need help too, how to get a mystery gifts

How do you get sooth bell in Pokemon soul silver?

go to national park and towards the back u wil find a item that is the soothe bell

Where do you find a lapras in soul silver?

you find lapras in the safari zone ROCKY BEACH setting. surf in the water and you wil find lapras.they are very easy to find.

What is silver classified as?

a metal.........hope it wil help/...

Where is browning silver hunter made?

It wil be marked on the barrel.

Do beagles dogs train good?

Yes. I would say they are the easiest dog's to train you can have. I f you have a treat in your hand they wil do anything for you.

Will someone help you get all the johto starters in Pokemon Soul Silver?

no but if u beat red on mt silver go to professor oak and he wil giv u a choice from the kanto starters the go to safron city go inside silph co and talk to Stephen he wil ask wich rok u prefer green red or blue green=treeko red=torchic blue=mudkip hope it helps....

Can you born without a soul?

No you can't be born without a soul because in order for your soul to be saved you have to be baptized into The Church Of Christ or otherwise you wil be lost when your are judged which is going to hades and believe me no one wants to go there.So every person needs a soul and is born with a soul in life.

What do you do after you get Groudon on soul silver?

after you've caught it then get a friend with heart gold and borrow his kyogre cause in heartgold you get kyogre then after you have both talk to the guy that gives you your orb and hel give you a jade orb and do the same as with groudon but exept this time rayquaza wil be there

Which game is better Pokemon SoulSilver or Pokemon heart gold?

they are the same. the only thing different Pokemon like in soul silver you get groundon and in heart gold you get kyogre. in soul silver lugia will be level 45 and in HG it wil be 70. in soul silver Ho-Oh wil be 70 in HG 45. so there the same also latias in HG and latios in SS altogeather Hoho is way better than HG that's why i bought HG instead of SS . its better Improved by belovin: what u just said doesnt make sense. ss is better because it just is. lugia is better than hooh and in the original game it had better graphics and u can go to the whirl islands earlier to get horsea. its just way better.

Wil a DVD drive still work on WWCDs?

No, they are no compatible.

What should me add to my Pokemon party in leaf green?

try adding a zapdos it wil help alott if u train it.

When wil kaka come back from injury?

He has alreaady started to train with the team, and he will probably be called up for the next game.

How much current wil be neededed for the fan to work?

About 20 Amperes of current will be needed for the fan to work.

If you always shake your penis what wil happen?

You will probably not be very popular at work.

What does WIL mean on a floor plan?

wil or WIL stands for Walk In Linen (Linen cupboard)

Are Werewolves immortal?

To some extent, yes. If you shoot them with silver bullets, make them eat wolfbane, etc. they wil die, though.

How does a religion affects marketing?

if u wil do the work with truthfulnes&systematacily it wil heip u 2thng is that if u think that every one is our we dont fake to them its very helpful to u.

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Answer: No, it wil not work in the US. If you live in the US you need to obtain a driverse license in your state.

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