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She has newly made the CD "The Evolution", so it takes some time until she makes another CD.

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Q: When will Ciara make a new CD?
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Will johncena ever make a new CD?

He will probably go back to being Doctor Thugonomics,then he will make a new CD

Where do ciara live?

Ciara lives in New York City

Ciara like Chris Brown?

No. Ciara and Chris Brown preformed 'Take U Down' on B.E.T, but there is no romantic involvement. It's also rumored that Chris Brown will be featured in a collaboration on Ciara's new CD 'Fantasy Ride'.

What does Ciara Harris like?

ciara likes partying with younger guyz!!! ciara likes partying with younger guyz!!! Ciara likes to shop but shes always in and out. she likes dancing, singing and finding new ways to make her styel crunk.

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No! Ciara is an only child. Also Ciara is from Texas and Olivia is from New York.

How do you make ciara your friend on Twitter?

Go to her profile (@ciara) and follow her.

Is burning CD's illegle?

No, you can burn them to take songs to make a new CD.

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Is justin bieber going to make a new CD?

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Are Ciara and Chris Brown recording a song together?

Yes, it will be on Chris Brown's next CD.

Is they going to make a new Hannah Montana CD?

Hannah Montana has already had 2 CD's but she will definitely make another one

Is Ciara pregnant by 50 cent?

yes because ciara and 50cent are both naked in they new video

Ciara lives in New Orleans?

No she lives in New York

Where does ciara live currently?

New York

When is Justin bieber going to make a new CD?

his next CD is ''believe'' sorry im not sure when it comes out

What state does ciara live in?

Ciara lives in a big state called New York you would'nt know anything about it you are dum

New Disturbed CD?

the new industruable CD is out

How do you make your clock work after putting in a new CD player?

what vehicle?

What is the name of ciara's new album?

fantisy ride

Does ciara bravo have a facebook?

Actually, no. Ciara has stated on twitter that she DOES NOT have a public Facebook! The people posing as her are fakes. Visit Ciara Bravo's new website for all the latest news and info.

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Yes the will

Are chris b and ciara dating on 42507?

i think that chris brown and ciara will make a really great cople.and riahann and chris brown dose not make a go cople.

Will john cena make a new CD?

I think he is working on one now