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They both will become warriors in Sign of the Moon.

Dovepaw will become Dovewing

Ivypaw will become Ivypool

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Dovepaw and Ivypaw will become warriors in the book "The Last Hope," which is the final book in the Omen of the Stars series in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.

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IN the book Sign of the Moon.

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Q: When will Dovepaw and Ivypaw become warriors?
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When do Dovepaw and Ivypaw become apprentices?

Dovepaw and Ivypaw become apprentices in the second book of the Omen of the Stars series, Fading Echoes. Dovepaw is apprenticed to Lionblaze and Ivypaw is apprenticed to Cinderheart.

Is dovepaw or ivypaw one of the three?

Dovepaw is the chosen one not ivypaw. ( I thought ivypaw was one of the thrre)

Why does Ivypaw dislike Dovepaw?

Ivypaw hates Dovepaw because Firestar listens to her and Dovepaw is singled out like a super warrior.

What happens in sign of the moon?

Ivypaw and Dovepaw get assessed and become warriors. They are named Ivypool and Dovewing. Icecloud falls into one of the collapsed tunnels and Dovepaw comes running to get her out. Then they go back to camp and Dovepaw and Ivypaw become warriors. Sandstorm has a cough but that's all and it seems to be getting better. Icecloud thinks she is a burden to the clans. Jayfeather, Foxleap, Dovewing and Squirrelflight goes to the mountains. Jayfeather is caught up in a dream and wants to stay there with Half Moon.

Front of book the fourth apprentence warriors?

"The Fourth Apprentice" is the fourth book in the "Warriors: Omen of the Stars" series by Erin Hunter. The story follows Dovepaw and Ivypaw as they train to become warriors while dealing with new challenges in their clan. The book explores themes of loyalty, responsibility, and the bonds between clanmates.

Will Ivypaw become the main character of Omen of the Stars?

Ivypaw and her sister, Dovepaw are both characters, though Dovepaw is one of the three. She had a point-of-view in Fading Echos, but it is unknown for the other future books.

Is Jayfeather Dovepaw and Ivypaw's father?

No. Dovepaw's and Ivypaw's father is Birchfall.That and jayfeather is a medicine cat so he cat have a mate or kits.

When will Ivypaw and Dovepaw receive their warrior names?

They recicve their warrior names in Sign of Moon. Dovepaw=Dovewing. And Ivypaw=Ivypool :3

Is Ashfur Dovepaw and Ivypaw's father?

No, Birchfall is.

In Omen of the Stars will Ivypaw be one of the point of view cats?

Yes, Ivypaw does become one of the point of view cats in the Warriors series "Omen of the Stars." She plays a significant role throughout this arc as she grapples with her loyalty to her Clan.

What is the climax of night whispers by Erin Hunter?

In my opinion, it is when Ivypaw says that she will help Dovepaw, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather to spy on the Dark Forest, so Dovepaw tells Ivypaw about her powers. I think it is the climax because it is the point in the series where Ivypaw finally knows not to feel jealous of Dovepaw.

Who is on the cover of warriors fading echoes?

The cover of Warriors: Fading Echoes features a cat named Jayfeather. Jayfeather is a gray tabby tom with blind, blue eyes. He plays a significant role in the story, which is part of the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter.