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When will Eric return to csi Miami?

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Adam Michael Rodríguez is Eric Delko on CSI: Miami.

Eric Delko was played by Adam Rodriguez.

No but he is near death when he is shot in the neck

there is no Eric Delko in CSI Las Vegas. Eric Delko is part of the cast of CSI Miami, and he does not die. In one episode, he was suffered a major gunshot wound to the skull, but did not die.

yes they started dating in season 8

Adam Rodriguez and CBS had a disagreement over money.

is csi miami coming back

Csi Miami is filmed on a set in LA somewhere not in Miami Florida

Eric has been there since the beginning but left for awhile. He's back now and Adam Rodriguez (Eric) directed an episode.

In North America CSI Miami is typically on CBS.

When do CSI Miami come back on this year

It doesn't not look like Calleigh and Eric will be marrying. Eric, played by Adam Rodriguez will be leaving the show after a few appearances in season 8.

he guest stared in season 8 but will in season as a regular character

Calleigh and Eric are currently 'together' as of the end of season 7, no one else seems close

you can watch csi Miami on utv and bbc at 07.00am

Horatio Caine is the protagonist in CSI: Miami.

Nobody is on CSI Miami - the series was cancelled.

Well CSI Miami is not actually filmed in Miami it's actually filmed in parts of California

Yeah i gues. I watched youtube clip where Calleigh say to Eric "I'm pregnant". And then Eric and Calleigh go to the car.

No he was not in CSI miami, he did make an apperence in Cold Cases

Yes, CSI Miami will be back on Sep. 21 for season 8.

he is not leaving csi miami he had to do a episode on ugly betty

Rex Linn was playing as Frank Tripp in CSI Miami.

Yess but then he found out that Natalie and Eric were kinda together cause he wanted to ask her out and he told Eric that she came to a crime scene and asked to help and Eric said she was probably looking for him but Natalie and Ryan belong together and Eric and Calliegh belong together.

CSI Miami is a show that comes on CBS. It has been on the air since 2002. CSI Miami is a spin off show. The original show was CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

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