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Some where around 3 weeks after it comes out on DVD!


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FiOS is worthless. It is not really "on demand", it is just random crap at an exorbitant price.

Not till about 1-3 months after it is our of theaters

It used to be in top picks but now I would rent/purchase this movie at Blockbuster. I suggest getting the seventh one once it comes out.

Netflix On Demand usually offers movies 6 months to 2 years after the release of the movie on DVD. Netflix DVD service in the US is offering the movie starting today.

Type Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone into the search bar. It isn't available online but can be purchased to play on tv.

I don't think it's on Comcast On Demand. It's on almost every night on Neckelodeon.

yes; if you have comcast

The cast of Comcast on Demand - 2010 includes: Renee Rayles as Host of Atlanta Mom

Harry Potter will probably never go on demand for comcast, but if you have the HBO on Verizon it will probably come out in a year or two. But based on how long it has been out and isn't on either one it will probably take a while and plus they are still making some money on it.

E Presents Comcast on Demand - 2003 was released on: USA: 27 February 2003

Comcast on demand is a feature for cable television. On Demand lets you choose movies and TV show you want to watch instantly. This is offered so that you do not have to wait for scheduled programming to watch what you want.

It should go on demand and on comcast the same date it comes out on DVD, and that is set to be March 21, 2010 at the moment.

Comcast carries it on there On Demand Menu, but it is unlikely to be replayed in it's entirety or to remain for long under the On Demand Menu at Comcast

As per comcast does not carry Animax channel.

comcast direct TV. on demand, and att i think

free with a subscribtion that you have to pay$.

no but if you want to wacth it rent itor buy it off demand

Harry Potter doesn't necessarily have a category. If you click the search button, and type "HARRY POTTER", all of the movies are On-Demand in HD, and standard vision. or, or on On Demand if you have Comcast.

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