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"The Karate Kid" 2010 has a release date of October 5, 2010 .

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Karate Kid is not in theaters. You can buy it on apple.

You can rent it, buy it, or check it out from your public library.

If you enter karate in karate class you may ask your sensei for a uniform or even you can buy it online.

you have to buy the move off the karate man

In your nearest sport accessories shop

If you cosign the paperwork will come in your name and if they dont pay it comes back on you.

You can get it on youtube. The Nerf deploy is said to come out in May 2010.

There are a number of stores that stock Karate Gi's. Stores such as Pirana Gear, Asian World of Martian Arts and Boxing Supplies all stock Karate Gi's.

yes, you just have to buy the dwarf body and they have kid clothes you can buy. Hope i helped you... =)

you can buy it through a guardian.

It is set to come out on March 21, 2010 for now

The movie itself has came out on February 5, 2010 , You can buy the DVD or on Blu-Ray on May 25, 2010

yes and can buy it without the fluid.....lighter=you can buy as a kid fluid=no, 18 or older to buy......*NOT ALL STORE WILL LET YOU BUY IT BECAUSE OF INFLUENCE OF SMOKING*    

one will come out, it said in book 5. It said, at the page with the books buy him, : "coming soon, more diary of a wimpy kid"!

When I was Kid , I used to buy her some chocolates and candies :)

NOW !Hurry, hurry , hurry......... this is Chris brown and i will be there and i encourage u to be there also !

If you mean putting badges and logos you just buy them and sew them on

you can buy Diary of a wimpy kid do it yoursely books at cosco or any book shop.

ther is no where to buy diary of a wimpy kid 5 6 7

if you go with the best buy website they say it will be out on the 31/08/2010

You can't. You can adopt one

You can get Diary of a Wimpy Kid books at most book stores.

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