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When will Kingdom Hearts 3 be created?


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Kingdom Hearts 3 has yet to be "officialy" announced for US/Japan release. However, it can be carefully assumed that this game will be created based on the overwhelming success of the first two Kingdom Hearts titles. Also, the secret ending in kingdom hearts 2 leaves open the wide possibility of a third game. As far as plot, release date, launch platforms, screenshots, if it's even in development, etc., have remain to be seen. Keep check the Square Eniz website and this Kingdom Hearts 3 fansite for any updated news. There is no KH3, as it is being broken up into 3 games, with the main one being birth by sleep (psp), a roxas game on the DS, and a jiminy journal sora clone game on the mobile phone. Kingdom hearts is all about Sora, and his tale is all but over, as said by the creator himself. The new tale revolves around Ven, Terra, and aqua, who are Sora', Riku and Kairi's otherworldy countrerparts as their names mirrior each other with sora/ven being based on wind/air and riku with earth/terra and kairi/water with aqua. The new characters are fighting Master Xehanort, Xehanort's form before he fought and lost his memory and was taken in by Ansem the Wise, allegedly. There is a awesome trailer with a cool battle with these people, and it shows that King Mickey is watching the whole thing go down. Also, final mix and or final mix plus allows Sora to fight Terra, if you max that game out, which is awesome!