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Naruto Shippuuden 168

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Q: When will Naruto's dad show up in Naruto?
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When Naruto is fighting pain does Narutos dad show up?

yes he does but he shows up when he was about to ripp the seal off of his jinchuuriki

How do you get Narutos dad in ultimate ninja3?

go by hinata's sister and do what she says and you will get naruto's dad

How did the fourth hokaga survive?

the 4th hokagae sadly..................did not survive he gave up his life for his village and his son naruto that's right i said it 4th hokagae is narutos dad

Is Naruto related to Pein?

i think he is because if you go to the naruto info sights and look up pein it will say he is related to him.

How do you get Naruto's body chakra?

naruto has huge amount of chakra he gets chakra :from the nine tailed fox

When did the nine-tailed fox appeared?

im pretty sure it he should up in the first episode because they were showing all that happend to the town and they showed how narutos dad sealed it away in narutos stomach

Who came up with naruto's first name?

Im sure it was Jiraya cuz Narutos father (Yondime) used da name out of Jiraya's book

Is Sasuke in Naruto Shippuden?

Yes, Sasuke does show up in Naruto Shippuuden.

Is Naruto off the air?

Naruto does not show up on the tv but you can find it on the internet

What does narutos name mean?

i wondered the same thing awhile ago and i looked up the meaning online. naruto's name means "fish cake's" don't believe me? look up: naruto character name meaning's. it also means like that beast inside naruto. i forgot its name.

Are narutos parents dead?

Well yes and no. In the normal series they are alive as a matter of a fact her mom is a member of the Allied Forces and her dad is just a genin. In the 6th movie her mom and dad fought the Nine Tails and were killed in the battle. Before the battle with the Kyuubi her dad is named the 4th Hokage and Naruto's parents are alive and are just Jonin.

Who is stronger Naruto or his dad?

you cant really compare the two, YET. we haven't seen his Dad in action very much. also with age comes experience and knowledge, naruto isn't his dad's age. naruto will probably pass him up now since the 9 tails' chakra is his to keep