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It was already released 9 days ago March 24, 2009. As Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden.

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Is Naruto Shippuden Narutimate accel and Naruto shippuden narutimate accel 2 are these two games available in English and are these two games also available in pal system?

naruto narutimate accel(naruto ultimate ninja 4) is now available in English naruto accel narutimate 2(naruto ultimate ninja 5) is not available some people think that naruto accel narutimate 2 will not be in English and will not come to America so we will see if it do come out

When will Naruto Narutimate Accel 2 come out in America?

Narutimate accel 2 might come out to America in late 2009 or early 2010 but it will be known as Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 5

When does the Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 2 come out for the PS2?

Japanese game for PS2 will not be released

When is Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 2 released in US?

soon after shippuden come December 29, 2009 in us...[Naruto Shippuden:Narutimate Accel] will be released in North America on February 9, 2009.

Will Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel Come in English in North America and where can i buy it?

It should be released around May 2010.

When does Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 2 come out?

it's coming out in 4 years i think or less the first is about 2 years

When will narutimate accel 3 come out?

Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel 3 [Japan Import] and will not be released under that title in the USA

Wwhen will Naruto shippuden narutimate Accel 3 for psp come out on Europe?

im not sure. but in north America it will be released in 2010 spring.

Is there an English version of Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 2?

Listen up! There is GREAT NEWS i just found for all naruto shippuden fans! Naruto Shippuden is coming out ON TV!!! AND THE BEST PART IS THAT IT IS IN ENGLISH!! NO SUBTITLES!!!! IT WILL PREMIERE ON DISNEY XD!!! IT WILL COME ON WED, OCTOBER 28 2009!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :) :)

When will naruto Shippuden narutimate the game come out in English?

the game will come out on march 24,2009

When does naruto Shippuden narutimate accle come out for the ps2?

in the min-summer in 2009

When will the next Shippuden game come out?

if you are talking about naruto shippuden: narutimate accel 2, sometime between November 09 and April 10, some other games are coming out on the wii, ds, and psp in october. PS:narutimate accel 2 will mostlikly be called ultimate ninja 5 in America and Europe.

Will narutimate accel 2 come to the US?


Is naruto shippuden accel part 1 going to come out in English?

In Spring 2009

When will Narutimate accel 3 come out in the US?

yes it will come out in spring 2010

Will Naruto Shippuden accel 2 come out?

yes it will i already have it so itss already out in the Arab world

Where can you download naruto shippuden narutimate accel for PC for free?

naruto accel is not downloadable you can import from japan and mod ur ps2 to play the game but that's pricey its best to just wait for the game to come out and buy it which would be in about 2 Days (2010) ITS BEST TO JUST BE PATIENT even if you mod your ps2 the game will be in Japanese and i doubt you could read Jap.

When will Naruto Narutimate Accel 3 come out?

It is already out in Japanese version. North American version will be released in 11 May 2010 and 14 May for European version.

When come Naruto accel 3?

naruto accel 3 will come in 2009 in japan for psp and in 2010 in usa.

Where can you get Narutimate accel 2 for PC?

You cant. Naruto accel 2 is a japanease game.You either need a japanease playstation 2 or a magic slide card. In my opinion i wouldn't waste my money on a magic slide card. I tried it... didnt work out so well. Plus the the game is like $60. The American version will problably come out next year. (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 5)

Wene will Naruto shippuden acell come out in the us?

Not until Shippuuden airs in the US and that wont be for a while. Plus, Accel will probably come out as a different title.

When will naruto Shippuden accel 2 come out in English?

I heard in December or January. Look for flyers. I heard in December or January. Look for flyers.

When will Naruto Shippuden EX come out?


Will naruto Shippuden come on in india?

At the moment, it is not clear when Naruto shippuden will come on in India.

What channal naruto Shippuden come on in india?

Naruto Shippuden will come on the Cartoon Channel in India.