When will Pokemon go be released?

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The open beta is currently active. You can download it now from the App Store or Android Market, provided the game is available in your country.
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Are they going to release a NEW Pokemon game And when?

If you want to know when Heartgold and Soulsilver come out, then March 14 for America. I don't know the rest of the dates, or the games because they are already out...and if y
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When is Pokemon black and white's episodes going to be released?

The new series is going to be called "Pokemon Best Wishes." They're probably not going to come out for a while though, sinnoh league victors is coming to an end, but the Pokem
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How many Pokemon will be in the first release of Pokemon GO?

There are currently 721 known Pokemon, and it is expected that allof them will be in the game somewhere. At its current beta state,however, there are just the original 150 Kan