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When will Triple H return to WWE?


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Triple H has returned twice since his injury (torn bicep muscle) at WWE Extreme Rules 2010, once at a fan appreciation live event in 2010 where he returned to defeat Alberto Del Rio, and he also returned for a DX reunion at the WWE Tribute to the Troops live event in 2010. A date for his return to Television has not yet been announced, however many predict he will make his return at WWE Royal Rumble 2011 in the Royal Rumble match in the same fashion as Edge did in 2010.

He returned at Monday Night Raw February 21st, 2011.


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triple h is currently on a break from the wwe, he will return around January next year and it is rumored that he will feud with Sheamus.

yes he is out due to an injury except i don't know when he will return

Triple H was interviewed via radio and revealed that he will definitely return before WrestleMania!

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Yes, he is expected to return in 2011.

Maybe late 2010 or early 2011

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If you been watching these past thew weeks on Raw you already know this question the Genaral Manager of Raw is Triple H.

Triple H is not injured that is just a storyline. He is filming a movie for WWE films right now and it rumored to return at Summerslam

Yes. Well, it IS rumored that Triple H will return and win the Royal Rumble like Edge did. But he is returning in 2011.

The Game, The King of Kings, The Cerebral Assassin, TRIPLE H!

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They said on his wikipedia page that he's recovering from an injury and that he's should return to the WWE around summerslame!! :)

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Triple H has won the WWE Championship 8 times the most in WWE History

He is currently injured but he is supposed to return at Summer Slam to help "Team WWE" Against the Nexus, which will be an Awesome match ;)

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