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When will batista come back?

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Batista will come baack soon

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Will batista return?

batista cant end the streak. because he wont come back.

Is batista coming back to the WWE?

Dave Batista might come back,But rumors say he's going MMA

Where has Batista been?

Batista is currently awaiting for the right time to come back expect him to be back a couple of weeks before wrestlemania.

Did Batista Ever Come Back in WWE?

Batista never came back to the WWE. he's only came to press conferences that are to do with wrestlemania.

When wile batista come back?


When batista will come back on WWE?

well in 2008 Dave Batista said the two words we all thought we would never hear, "I quit". Dave had debuted in the ufc (Ultimate Fighter Championship). Batista might come back if he retires from the UFC

Why did Batista come back now?

batista came back because he wanted to git randy out of the way so he can go for thripl h's wwe title

When Batista will come back to raw?

He won't for for a long time if at all.

Will batista come back to WWE?

I think Batista wasn't really hurt but was just tired of world wrestling entertainment so my answer is no.

Is Dave batista coming back to WWE?

Yes, but he will injure his arm and triple h will come back

Where does batista come from the Philippines?

Batista isn't From the Phillipines. Batista is From Washington, DC.

Is batista back?

No. He quit the WWE in 2010 and doesnt look like he is going to come back anytime soon.

Where is Batista most ticklish?

WWE Batista is recovering from a back injury and he will be back soon.

When will Dave batista return to raw after his injury?

Dave Bautista, better known as 'Batista' has not come back since losing at WrestleMania. It is expected that he will be back once his movie "Guardians of the Galaxy" is no longer in theaters.

Will batista go to WWE?

No he said he will never ever come back again.......but he might IDK

You want batista come back to WrestleMania 25?

i want batista to kick that lining hell out of randy orton i want to see special ref with triple h vs randy orton match batista randy should lose this one for pay back time

Are Dave Batista and Angie back together?

Dave Batista is NOT back with Angie , Dave is single.

When will batista back to WWE?

As of now, there is no news about whether Batista is going to come back to the WWE or not. It may or may not happen in the future. Batista was one of WWE's top and famous wrestlers. So, if he wants to come back, I don't think WWE would refuse. However, he is currently pursuing a Mixed Martial Arts career because he wasn't happy with the way his WWE character was progressing

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