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When will bigfoot eat you?

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There are no documented sightings of bigfoots eating people, but bigfoots can eat you.

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Does Bigfoot eat babies?

No, Bigfoot does not eat babies.

Did bigfoot eat your sister?

Bigfoot WILL eat yo sista.

Does bigfoot eat people?

There are no reports of bigfoot eating anyone.

What food does bigfoot eat?

Bigfoot is most likely an ominvor which means he would eat plants and meat.

Do babies like to eat bigfoot?

No you made a typo... Bigfoot eats babies and now he will eat you for saying that

What could eat Bigfoot?

Since Bigfoot doesn't exist, nothing.

Do porcupines eat bigfoot bones?

We can not answer this because there is no evidence that "bigfoot" exists.

How many pounds of food does a bigfoot eat everyday?

A Bigfoot eat 25-30 pound of food a day>

What is the diet of Bigfoot?

Bigfoot can eat any thing that can fit down its throat and if not able to he will rip whatever he is trying to eat in to smaller pieces

Does bigfoot eat deer?

no, he prefers kfc

Does bigfoot eat humans?

Bigfoot has been known to run off with humans but he doesnt eat them. It is still unknown what he does with them. he rapes them so he can have hairy babys.

Would Bigfoot eat cats?

How is anyone supposed to know that!?, nobody's sure Bigfoot even exists.

What do bigfoots eat?

People! mostly kids or babies there is bigfoot babies that can eat a newborn baby in 2 bites, Bigfoot will eat kids in 1 bite or deer, fish and horses!

Why Does bigfoot eat deer if so how much?

It is unknown that bigfoot eats deer, if he does probably only one or two.

Are BigFoot creatures harmless?

No they could eat your brain!

How does bigfoot eat?

He acturlly eats it like a tramp

Do porcupines eat bones?

apparently they eat sasquatch bones according to Finding Bigfoot on AP

Does bigfoot eat?

Well of corse bigfoot eats, cos they are like us. we eat dont we! P.S. Big foot is really one of us but is heary and is about 7 to 10 foot high)

What kind of bugs does Bigfoot eat?

Big foot eats June bugs.

What do sasquatch's eat?

There is no such thing as a Sasquatch. Yeah. Why is there a Sasquatch, Bigfoot, and Yeti column?

Is bigfoot prey predator?

He is both cause we are searhing for him and he is searhing for other animals to eat.

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